Robles monthly Funko POP! Giveaway

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Nov 9, 2018
Robles Monthly Funko POP! Giveaway: ( JUNE )
Robles Funko Giveaway Graphic.....jpg

Please use this link to enter over in the POP! Section: Robles Monthly Funko POP! Giveaway....

Hey all my fellow Ninjas, this was something that I was hoping to kick off at the start of this year's Ninja week but due to the unforeseen circumstances and the cancellation of this year's event I thought id start it now :thumbs:

Just wanna say a BIG THANKS to Nick @Noodles for sorting the Graphic out for this, As usual, a True gent in helping out :thumbs::notworthy:

I wanted the first Giveaway to be a little special and had many different things in mind. if I'm honest id already had this giveaway all set until I came across this ( not so little guy ) only the other day:rofl:

So The first of many will be........


This is the 10" UK Tesco Exclusive.
All you need to do to enter the Giveaway is just like and reply to the post :thumbs: ( Please don't forget to reply as this is where ill take all Entries from):whistle:

Anyone Worldwide can enter and Shipping will be free :thumbs:

The Giveaway will run until 8 pm Monday 29th of June and a winner will be drawn shortly after that :happy:

Good luck and Thank you for taking the time to stop by :thumbs::happy:
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