Sicario (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Target Exclusive) [USA]

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Feb 10, 2020
Release date: June 15, 2021
Purchase link: Target
Price: $19.99
Group Buy: hosted by apsmith21

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Dec 31, 2020
Anyone wants help with this one let me know. Need about 5 for a group buy.

I'd go for this one, but one thing holding me back is that no matter what kind of steelbook you get you're expected to pay for it.
I do understand that, but i have bad experiences with buying steelbooks from USA from retailers like BB or Target, in most cases i got steelbooks dented on multiple spots and i just quited buying them.
Buyer prob can't return them and you're exptected if you buy them to pay for them right?
I'll wait, hope that we get 4K Lenticular version from any group - like KimchiDVD perhaps which did 2nd movie.


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Apr 3, 2020
The Netherlands/Finland
Wasn't a big fan of his directing in Wind River to be honest, the film is great though. I also feel that Hell Or High Water, while being very good, deserved a better director. I know his screenplays aren't meant for anything flashy but we know what happens if a brilliant director like Villeneuve gets do a screenplay from him.
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