Spider-Man: Far From Home (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

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Release date: November 11, 2019
Purchase links: 4K+2D - 4K+2D Collector's Edition (Pre-order live at Midnight July 2)
Price: £32.99 (4K+2D) - £74.99 (4K+2D Collector's Edition)
Notes: 3 Discs (4K UHD + 2D Blu-ray + Bonus Disc World Wide Web-Slinger)

Collector's Edition with above steelbook
Collector's Edition Artwork to be updated as it still has mock up steelbook
12203580-1344.jpg 12203580-6964.jpg

12203577-6844708744881201.jpg 12203577-1154708741882539.jpg


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Depends do you live in the UK?

So is this just an announced restock @paulboland ? Been dam near 3 months or about since I preordered this. Do you know if this is WEA art @paulboland , I don't think I've seen this art anywhere else.
However I could have easily missed it because this film has more steelbook art choices than any non preimium Marvel release I can ever remember.
I think I have 5 different steelbooks preordered not counting WEET and whatever that Blufans cousin company is called.
It's exclusive to UK so far the tower bridge artwork with Zavvi having exclusive
Zavvi just making available cancellation stock on Wednesday

There is various releases of this steelbook in different countries using similar design but different artwork

Germany release has Brandenburg Gate
UK release has Tower Bridge

FilmArena will have WEA steelbook with using an image from Czech Republic as part of the artwork
That Artwork not shown yet
Nov 5, 2012
Newark, Nottinghamshire
Big dilemma! I really like the artwork on this and really keen to try get an order in when it goes back up tomorrow. I have on pre-order the FNAC Special edition as it has 4k.3d, slip cover etc ,but not sold yet on the artwork. Don't know whether or not to cancel the FNAC and oder this from Zavvi and buy the 3d separately. I think the artwork on this does go better with the HMV Homecoming steel.


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I had the German artwork version preordered from Amazon Spain but cancelled it for this one. I just hope the finish is good, £32.99 is pricey for a none premium steelbook even if it is 4K.
Jul 20, 2016
Yeah this would be $60 Canadian with delivery charges and no discount now so pass.
I didn't think the movie was that great really. Spider-Man seems to lack something without Tony Stark.