Star Trek: Beyond (3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection #81) [Czech Republic]


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Jun 30, 2014
Alexandria Safe-Zone
Release date: September 13th, 2017
Purchase links: Standard - FAC E1 FullSlip - FAC E2 Jaylah Lenticular 3D Fullslip - FAC E3 Hardbox
Price: 799 CZK - (Standard) - 999 CZK - (Edition 1) - 1099 CZK - (Edition 2) - 2299 CZK - (Edition 3)
Note: FAC 1001 numbered copies
Group Buys: E1 - E2 - Hard Box
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E1 & E2 for me, bought and paid - unable to leave a note with paypal as no option available to do it.
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well that was quick, hardbox secured, damn I always miss adding in the notes on those paypal redirects, it's so small!! :banghead:

On another note, damn these hardboxes are getting more expensive! Just paid £90 (ex postage) when they used to be £70 (inc postage) when I got the first one of Fan4stic :woot: