Suspiria (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Hi-Def Ninja Black Label Edition #3) [USA]


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Platinum Pack - Limited to 25

Our 3rd release in conjunction with Synapse Films is that of SUSPIRIA. This edition’s quality is beyond words, but if you want an explanation you have plenty of that to be found below! Completely packed, crazily restored, and the ultimate definitive edition of SUSPIRIA in SteelBook form housed in HDN commissioned artwork from some of the best recognizable and talented artists on the scene. Following up on their consistent designs from Tenebrae and Phenomena we have brought on QuiltFace Studios “QFS” and The Dark Inker once more and added Matt Ryan Tobin for his amazing take on SUSPIRIA.


Each Slipbox will be semi-gloss with special print finishes and each edition will feature three 4x6 screen printed artcards by one of the best screen print poster printers in the business. QFS and MRT will feature silver metallic ink and DI will feature red metallic as well. Each edition comes with a bonus limited challenge coin in which the Blood Red Regular is limited to 125 and the Argento Rosa (Pink Silver) is limited to 75. They are awarded at random with single edition orders and only the Platinum Packs guarantee you one of each coin.

Dario Argento's masterpiece of horror comes to home video from Synapse Films in an exclusive new 4K restoration from the original uncut, uncensored 35mm Italian camera negative and with the original 4.0 English surround sound, for the first time EVER! Painstakingly restored over the past three years, Synapse Films has created the ultimate special edition of SUSPIRIA with the supervision and approval of the film's Director of Photography, Luciano Tovoli, and loaded with a separate Blu-ray disc of amazing extras. SUSPIRIA is now presented in its original glory for its 40th Anniversary!

The set will include two Blu-rays + 1 CD. The film will be on its own Blu-ray disc, to maximize the quality for both picture and sound, with most extra features being on a separate Blu-ray. The set will be Region A locked. CD obviously not locked.

“Info below is very early, and final extras have not been finalized. We believe this item may sell quite a bit faster than our previous SteelBook releases, so we wanted those who were interested to be able to "lock-in" their pre-order now. We DO NOT yet have a final street date, but we fully expect the Limited Steelbook to be released before the end of the year for the 40th Anniversary. Our goal is to start shipping in mid-late November, but this is subject to change. As the extras and final specs come in, we will update the listing accordingly.”


Three disc [Two Blu-rays + One CD] limited collector’s edition containing a new 4K restoration of the original uncut, uncensored Italian 35mm camera negative exclusively done by Synapse Films, with color correction supervised and approved by SUSPIRIA Director of Photography, Luciano Tovoli

Original 4.0 1977 English language LCRS sound mix not heard since the theatrical release in 1977, presented in high-resolution DTS-HD MA 96 Khz/24-bit audio

Italian 5.1 surround sound mix

Two audio commentaries by authors and Argento scholars, Derek Botelho, David Del Valle & Troy Howarth

Do You Know Anything About Witches? - 30 minute SUSPIRIA visual essay written, edited and narrated by Michael Mackenzie

Suzy in Nazi Germany – Featurette on the German locations from SUSPIRIA

A Sigh from the Depths: 40 Years of SUSPIRIA – All-new anniversary retrospective on the making of the film and its influence on cinema

Olga’s Story – Interview with star Barbara Magnolfi

Original theatrical trailers, TV spots and radio spots

Special Collector Edition Booklet containing an American Cinematographer interview with Luciano Tovoli, liner notes by Derek Botelho and restoration notes by Vincent Pereira & Don May, Jr. Cover artwork by Matthew Therrien Illustration

“International Classics” English “Breathing Letters” opening credit sequence from U.S. release version

Alternate All-English opening and closing credits sequences, playable via seamless branching

Newly translated, removable English SDH subtitles for the English language version

Newly translated, removable English subtitles for the Italian language version

Exclusive CD remaster of Goblin’s SUSPIRIA motion picture soundtrack, containing additional tracks not included on the original 1977 soundtrack release



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Aug 25, 2017
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Hello, first time buyer at Hi-Def Ninja, I pre-ordered the Inker version as soon as I saw a post from DVD News (Facebook page I follow) the morning the preorders went live. Let me just say this, not only was the release worth the wait, this version was the cherry on top! I was blown away how well the box was packaged for shipment, but even more so when I opened it all up and held it in my hands. It was truely a great experience, this film is special so I didn't spare any expense ( Sad Canadian here with our dollar value) , with how happy I am now a full supportor of this line and HD Ninja in general. I hope there is more horror releases getting this treatment in 2018. Happy New year everyone



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Sep 5, 2012
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Received my platinum pack yesterday. Well happy with it! :D Great job again HDN!

Complete Black Label collection:

Aug 26, 2017
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Nice collection spass!

Looks like you scored a set of Suspiria buttons with your Platinum Pack (my pack didn't have those in the box).
Apr 18, 2017
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IS the version where she looks like the hotel still available?
Apr 18, 2017
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I feel your pain brother. I only barely managed to get one myself. Missed out on the actual one I wanted, but happy I managed to grab one nevertheless.
At the time I didn’t have a region free player but now that I do I wish I just got it at the time it went live
Apr 22, 2012
Dublin, Ireland
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Just wanted to say a big thanks to @Wreck for managing to get these out during the Christmas postal madness, you sir deserve a medal.

Mine arrived in Dublin during that hazy hangover period just after Christmas and before New Years where noone has a clue what day it even is :D and it was a great surprise as I hadn't received a steel in a while. The slip is beautiful and loving the uniformity beside the other two Argento releases but my oh my the steel itself is absolutely phenomenal, I must have sat there staring at it for about 15 minutes. Thank you very very much for this release Wreck I'm more than happy with it.
Aug 26, 2017
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Okay, so who's trying to sell their Platinum Pack on fleaBay for a cool thousand??! :LOL:


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Apr 13, 2012
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Coby gives you a closer look at the 3rd release in Hi-Def Ninja's BLACK LABEL HORROR SERIES. Dario Argento's acclaimed giallo horror classic SUSPIRIA (1977). This is the Quiltface Studios Variant.