Tenet (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [UK]

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Feb 23, 2012
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Release date: December 14, 2020
Purchase link: HMV - Zavvi - WB Shop UK
Price: £29.99
Notes: WB Shop includes free Tenet Poster

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Apr 21, 2019
Villeneuve has added his voice to the criticism against the WB streaming decision: ‘Dune’ Director Denis Villeneuve Blasts HBO Max Deal

Actually, basically everybody is joining the criticism:
Directors, Theaters Express Worry Over Warner Bros. HBO Max Deal
For smaller films, I think it’s fine, but for event flicks, it makes no sense to me. I get WW84, if they simply can’t wait for a release date next summer or fall, but over all, I think they’re better off just holding most movies until the vaccine has been widely available for a month or 2 (so hopefully by mid July, if not late June). That said, assuming that happens, if the movies hit theaters, I’m going to theaters. I’d rather see Dune (or WW84 if they’d held it) on a big ass screen. I’ve got a 65” oled and I have the ability to sit pretty close to the screen, but it’s not the same. It’s too easy for me to pause a movie and get distracted, whereas in a theater, i walk in, recline my seat and spend 2 hours without distractions.
I rarely visit theatres to watch movies so as long as we still get physical media I'm ok with that but I certainly would be concerned for the future of theatres should streaming become the way forward for movie releases....
Studios just need to weather the storm with the rest of us.....


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Aug 25, 2014
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Spot gloss on the title I think - sometimes I need to go to SpecSavers... It's not bad, if embossed title it would have been cool...


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Sep 13, 2014
My zavvi order hasn't come yet, don't hold out much hope to be honest. I have 4 steelbooks now missing, all past the 14 day period. I can't even get them to reply to my queries anymore. Fingers crossed that this one makes it's way to me.
Jul 22, 2020
Could anyone please check language tracks in menu disc (not j-card)? Does it really feature ENG only track?
Thanks a lot
Yes, only English audio and English subs. Which makes sense if you think about it, as only the UK is getting this particular cut of the film. Every other country has 9 seconds extra of a girl getting the **** kicked into her.

So apart from the minority within the UK who don't speak english, there'd be no purpose in putting additional language tracks or subs on the disc, as it's not being shared amongst other European countries as usual.
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