The Dark Knight Rises (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Blufans Exclusive #62) [China]


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Jul 20, 2016
Release date: TBA
Group buy: hosted by Wreck
Note: 4K + BD + Bonus disc

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Anyone know what this is for?

It’s the extra gift you get inside but it’s empty. Im confused


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And here we go again. I saw yesterday that China is again in lockdown. So this should be fun if that's true yet again.
That was a nice surprise today, Tvm @Wreck

Finally all three boxes arrived :)
Is there anything in the special gift envelope? The one with the 3/4 plastic bat sign and the string on the back. I’m so confused what it’s for
I dunno mate I just took it from the post office on my way for the nightshift. But from the outside it doesn’t look like there something in it. It’s also confusing that 80% of the bat is made out of Plastik and the rest just doesn’t exist xD somehow it bothers me that it’s cut off like that
Yes, so i'm baffled why this lockdown ffs.
Hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients and deaths are bad (despite what the Gov reported). I’m seriously in shock that after 3 years of lockdowsn they couldn’t be bothered to get everyone fully vaccinated. What a mess. On the plus side, I’m not waiting on anything from there (AFAIK) :D
Thanks. How bizarre. Also how bizarre is the design with the 3/4 thick plastic bat sign on the front and the string on the back. I can’t work it out

Have you asked Kevin what it's meant to be? I know he posted a while back telling people the bat symbol is meant to be all scratched up and not to worry maybe he can elaborate further on what the entire thing is meant for?
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