Mondo THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT - Music from the Netflix Limited Series 2XLP


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Aug 29, 2011
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The Mondo x Death Waltz 10th Anniversary celebration continues, with one of our favorite shows and scores from the last couple of years. Together with Netflix, we are delighted to bring you the Emmy award®-winning (and mesmerizing) soundtrack to THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT, by Carlos Rafael Riviera, packed inside another stunning Alan Hynes design that will play games with your mind.

From the moment we set eyes (and ears) on THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT, it was evident that it was extraordinary ... lightning-in-a-bottle special. We have been obsessed with the show since it aired in 2020 and are thrilled that we are is releasing this incredible score on vinyl.

But that's not all for this week. We are excited to have a Mondo worldwide exclusive from our friends at Burning Witches, in the shape of Khamal Lion by Britt. Our Mondo exclusive is limited to just 150 copies, and comes with an exclusive 7-inch single. We will also be dropping the new Ian Alex Mac LP from Burning Witches this week, as well.

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THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT - Music From The Netflix Limited Series 2XLP

In proud partnership with Netflix, Mondo is pleased to present Carlos Rafael Rivera’s Emmy award®-winning score to Netflix’s breakout 2020 show, THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT, written and directed by Scott Frank.

For the show, Carlos Rafael Rivera delivered one of the stand-out scores of the last few years. Unusually, this is an entirely classical score: rich, sumptuous and utterly beguiling. The music is certainly a character in the show, reflecting Beth’s life ... from meditative solo piano pieces, representing her early years growing up in an orphanage, with instruments and themes added throughout, as the years progress.

Rivera was quoted as saying, “Having such a complex protagonist as Beth Harmon, I wanted to avoid writing a ‘Beth Theme’, but rather themes for different aspects of her character: addiction, genius, mischief, growth, and more. By resorting to these, I could apply and develop them throughout the seven episodes, as Beth herself developed, helping create a more holistic representation of her character.”

THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT - Music from the Netflix Limited Series 2XLP. Music by Carlos Rafael Rivera. Artwork by Alan Hynes. Liner notes by Charlie Bridgen. Mastered for vinyl by Darren Page. Pressed on 2x 140 Gram Color Vinyl. Housed inside a 3D optical illusion die-cut jacket, with two bespoke die-cut inner sleeves. $35