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@spawnshop just seen pictures of the GOT display at Toy Fair. Looks really cool. Didn't realise the action figures are 6", ideal for going with my Eaglemoss collection. Loving how you are starting with how characters look in Season 7/8 as this is what my miniature collection is missing. Are planning on making the the other two Dragons? (Viserion when he was alive and Rheagal?). Viserion as an Ice Dragon looks insane!!! loving it.
Thanks! Yes, i'm really happy with the way they turned out. And what was shown at Toy Fair was production, no prototypes. So it's going to be really close to what will be on the shelves.
I hope to do the other Dragons and more characters.
Oct 30, 2018
Is there any specific reason we're not getting any figures this year? Does McFarlane not have the TV license? I'm super disappointed we didn't get the AOW Rick, Negan, and Maggie that were teased last year, and it sucks that we're not getting TV Alpha and Beta.
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@spawnshop managed to get my hands on Viserion Ice Dragon and Drogon in the UK.Both look amazing and will go well my pre existing Eaglemoss Dragons. I have also seen the prototype pictures for Alive Viserion and Rhaegal. Love the colour schemes on both. Similar poses with Rhaegal and Drogon and Viserion and Ice Dragon but I guess each will be different in some way. I love how Alive Viserion has an orange burst of flame with it. Shame Drogon and Rhaegal won't as all three breathing fire would be amazing. Can't wait to get a full set!
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Jul 22, 2015
@spawnshop Does McFarlane still hold the twd license? I've heard varying information. Some say McFarlane still has the license, but doesnt have plans for it. Others say McFarlane no longer holds it. Just curious! It was an amazing ride with that line no matter its future or lack there of.
I've heard McFarlane no longer has the license but I've taken that as a given due to no Walking Dead releases this year. Also, @spawnshop is McFarlane doing anymore GOT stuff beyond the last two Dragons? I've not seen anything to say either way yet.