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From left to right:

- Manta Lab Box Set
- HDZeta Box Set
- Manta Lab Double Lenti
- Manta Lab Full Slip
- Manta Lab Single Lenti
- Amazon Germany Exclusive 4K SteelBook
- MediaMarkt/Saturn Austria/Germany Exclusive SteelBook
- Manta Lab Full Slip
- US amaray release, came without its slipcover from Amazon
- Amazon Germany Exclusive BD SteelBook
- Amazon Italy SteelBook
- US 4K Slipcover
- France 4K Slipcover
- UK BD Slipcover

A few more editions are on the way. I trust you like what you see :p




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May 15, 2014
Ontario, Kanada
I do, thank you! But @AlienKing has already offered to help :)

If he changes his mind :p I'll reach out :)
Oh look, you're getting options now huh? :p
It's up to you man. If you want the original slip go ahead and get it from Kryptonite. Believe me, I understand the need to have the original :)
I'll try to get you some pics, so you can decide.