Transformers Trilogy (FNAC Exclusive)-Stickerbook (Blu-ray Steelbook) [France]


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Aug 30, 2010
Shoreham By Sea, UK
Just found this :naughty:

Release date - November 2, 2011.

More info soon.

Thanks axcraig for posting pic

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You know what, that is a CLEAR sticker like the Inglourious Basterds ... And I hate to say this, but the clear sticker ones are AWESOME ... its insane because its hard to tell its sticker. My russel crowe one however looks pretty bad like most stickerbooks.

I think I will try and trade someone for this ... ;)

Makes sense tho, I was told "we did a lot like that" and in my mind I was thinking "a lot?" because all I knew of was IB .. Wonder if there is more clear sticker ones on the horizon.
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For a Stickerbook it's wAAAy overpriced. €29.99 would still be pricey imho. Dunno what sticker on back is but would be neat if that was Decepticon, Autobot on front :) and then slipcover with all the details.

It's €39.99 Internet only offer as I write this.