[UK] Kane's sales thread - Novamedia Dredd+Age of Ultron+Hulk, Blufans GOTG+Iron Man, Zavvi Disney Pixar, HMV, Play.com and more

May 15, 2013
West Yorkshire, UK
Thanks for looking, I have a bunch of items I am cleaning out that I have collected over the past decade and will be updating this as I go.
I have a stock of Marvel bestbuy, futureshop, hmv, zavvi etc items to go through and add still.
I am willing to hear offers on multiples and will post overseas.
Payment would be PP G&S (buyer pays fee)Free postage inside UK for orders on £50+
If you want some pictures just shout pictures pictures2

Trade: Will do trades for Manta Lab Man of Steel Lenti, John Wick 3 Novamedia fullslip A (also maybe lenti), HDzeta Man of steel lentis or 1click box

**GOTG Blufans Any with 1click box +£20 or both steels+box for £200 and Incredible Hulk 1click all together £200**
Pacific Rimamazon3D+2D£ 15.00
sunshinesealedamazon£ 60.00
wolf of wall streetamazon£ 15.00
avengers age of ultron x2sealedbest buy1vision 1ulton£ 70.00
GOTGsealedBlufans1/4 slip£ 100.00
GOTGsealedBlufansFull slip Single Lenti£ 100.00
Iron mansealedblufansedition #20 V1 case only£ 40.00
Iron mansealedblufansedition #20 V1 case only£ 40.00
The Hunger gamessealedHMVlimted ed triple play£ 10.00
Dawn of the planet of the apessealedHMV£ 10.00
furysealedHMV£ 30.00
Suicide Squad x2sealedHMV2D and 3D with extended cut£ 15.00
star trek into darknesssealedJB HIFI£ 15.00
avengers age of ultronsealedNovamedia1click=Fullslip£ 70.00
avengers age of ultronsealedNovamedia1click=Lenti£ 70.00
DreddsealedNovamedia1click=Lenti£ 80.00
DreddsealedNovamedia1click=PET slips black£ 75.00
DreddsealedNovamedia1click=PET slips red£ 75.00
Incredible hulksealedNovamedia1click=Fullslip£ 75.00
Incredible hulksealedNovamedia1click=1/4slip£ 65.00
Incredible hulksealedNovamedia1click=Lenti£ 75.00
star trek into darknesssealedplay.comEntertainment Store Exclusive 2D & 3D£ 20.00
walking dead s1sealedplay.comEntertainment Store Exclusive£ 75.00
World War Zsealedplay.comEntertainment Store Exclusive 2D & 3D£ 25.00
G.I. Joe retaliationsealedplay.com£ 10.00
Hansel and Gretelsealedplay.com£ 20.00
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruitsealedplay.com£ 20.00
kick assopened mintplay.com£ 15.00
need for speedsealedplay.com£ 15.00
Takenplay.com£ 20.00
Ultimate bourne collectionsealedplay.com£ 25.00
silence of the lambsopened mintplay.com£ 30.00
cliffhangersealedZavvi£ 50.00
filthsealedZavvi£ 15.00
from dusk till dawnsealedZavvi£ 75.00
Hulk Vssealedzavvilimited to 2000£ 30.00
jumanjisealedzavvi£ 25.00
Lady and the TrampsealedZavvidisney coll#8£ 30.00
LoserssealedZavvilimited to 2000£ 35.00
Point BreaksealedZavvi£ 45.00
sin city 2sealedZavvi3D£ 20.00
terminator genisyssealedZavvi3D+2D£ 10.00
The TownsealedZavvi£ 20.00
Transformers revenge of the fallensealedzavvi£ 25.00
Transformers Dark side of the moonsealedzavvi£ 25.00
V for vendetta x2sealedzavvi1 has paint chip on front£ 30.00
Wreck it Ralphsealedzavvidisney coll#4£ 25.00
star trek beyondsealedZoom3D+2D lenti£ 40.00
Battleshipsealed£ 15.00
chroniclesealed£ 15.00
Gatsbysealed w/rips£ 15.00
Hitmansealedmetalpak£ 30.00
I am legendcanadian exclusive£ 15.00
I robot£ 25.00
snow white and the huntsman£ 10.00
Total Recallsealed£ 15.00
Wrath of the titanssealed w/rips3D+2D£ 15.00


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