Slipbox Under the Skin (Blu-ray Slipbox) (Novamedia Exclusive No.10) [Korea]

Sep 23, 2012
Release date: 11th September 2015
Purchase link: Novamedia
Price: $32.99 [Sold out]
Limited to 1000 copies


Thanks @C.C. 95 for time table
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Apr 18, 2017
After months of searching finally got one off the bay for a reasonable price as already opened!
So happy as this looks a stunning edition, the cover looks amazing.
Thanks to those who put the beauty shots on here as it made me look for it
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Jan 31, 2012
I sold mine ages ago. For WAY less than that too.. in fact I've seen them go alot cheaper so I doubt they'll shift that unless someone is crazy. Kinda regret it now. Too many hobbies need funding. :rofl:
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Jan 10, 2017
Yes, the amary case is the standard blue one, which doesn't look that good. Was about to buy this a few months back but didn't go for it because of that
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