Waterworld (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]

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I have the Arrow edition now, so I've no real need for this... however, a steelbook release has always been my dream, so I could be persuaded to pick it up if the art's nice enough. :D


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May 15, 2013
I love how inconsistent Best Buy is. This has been in their system for almost 3 weeks now, but the link hasn’t been activated and artwork isn’t available if you see if in the app.

But The Shining gets an active listing and artwork in about a 24 hour period.


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Sep 19, 2012
Still find this strange coming out so soon after the excellent arrow edition It really would have to be amazing for me to bite
Aug 25, 2013
I'm sure my head isn't with it today... I read this as Westworld, then got excited... I googled Arrow Westworld and obviously no results... Time for a coffee or a rest, lol.

But on topic, I haven't seen Waterworld since it was first out. I don't remember it being any good to be honest, but have always wanted to watch the Ulysses Cut so may have to grab it at some point (if it is included with this, if not, go for Arrow).
Jul 20, 2016
At this point they should just stop "trying" to create SteelBook covers. From now on just go with an all black background with the title printed in white on the front and spine for all SteelBooks. Each title will be easier to read on the shelf and it would still look better than most SteelBooks.

Or if they want to be "creative" then use the movie's title logo for the front if the movie has one.
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I still have the German steelbook. (those are stickers, fsk n BD logo) They could have used this but vertical and it would be a winner since Waterworld has never had a proper steelbook release WORLD WIDE. I'm holding out hope tho that the finish on this new design might "set it off" and make it be great in the end.

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