Whiplash (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (The On Series No.19) (KimchiDVD Exclusive #80) [Korea]

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Release date: May 14 21, 2021
Purchase links: Full Slip A1 - Full Slip A2 - Lenti - Box Set (Pre-order on March 31, at 2 PM - Korea time)
Price: $49.99 (Individual Editions) - $156 (Box Set)

163540676_3147994238761105_7903017819096140536_o.jpg 163018029_3147994275427768_1567999505428584890_o.jpg 163305978_3147994318761097_4031478808361224966_o.jpg 163203726_3147994352094427_8503878335821296044_o.jpg
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Jul 22, 2020
I wanna know the finish on A2 slip badly :(
You can pretty much tell from the spine. Soft plush/satin like finish with red foil on the title. Probably (imo) a raised, glossed drummer/kit on the front and snare drum on the rear as well.

If you take a look at in hand pictures of kimchi knives out A2 FS, that's likely to be very comparable to how this will turn out.
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Nov 18, 2016
@jjswatt2013 nova still doesn't ship to Belgium and other countries with K pack since almost a year due to covid restrictions
Kimchi was doing the same until a few months ago.
Dont know if somebody can confirm this ?


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Apr 15, 2017
This is shockingly sloppy release. I thought it will be great in hand, but it´s utterly disappointing, the lenti is so bad and hazy it looks like those first kimchi (Let the right one in for example) or filmarena lentis 5 years ago. That Fullslip A1 as well, no finish at all, just little bit debossing on title and nothing on back, sloppy AF. Steelbook also bad, no bossing whatsoever, the first WWA steel is much more premium than this.

This turned out to absolute disaster, can´t believe the same guys did amazing Knives Out just few weeks ago

Jul 22, 2020
Glad I went for the FS A over the lenti, not that either seem to look amazing to be honest.. has anyone seen any in hand shots of the white FS B? Interested on the texture and finish.