[WINNER CHOSEN] eps999's Sin City Steelbook Giveaway!


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Sep 22, 2013
Hello Ninjas,

This is my second and last giveaway for a while, I was having a look through my beloved Steelbook collection with you all in mind and I decided to give you a chance to win these beauties...


Left to Right - Zavvi UK Sin City and Best Buy US A Dame to Kill For. Both sealed in OCD condition. They have been looked after very well.

To win these answer the question below and thank my post.

1) Who is your favourite Sin City character and why?

Winner will pay postal fee(price kept to a minimum). Winner will be chosen at random and informed mid September.



P.s please check out my DC Collection in the link below :)
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Not seen A Dame to Kill yet so thanmk you for the giveaway

My fav Sin City charcter has to be Hartigan (Bruce Willis).


Special mention to Elijah Wood's 'Kevin' as well for being so chilling!

thanks for the giveaway opportunity! :thumbs: my favourite Sin City character hasn't actually appeared on screen yet. it's Wallace - i like him for his strong contrasts, violence vs meditation, patience vs a drive to act.


if it had to be someone who's appeared onscreen, it would have to be Marv, for similar reasons of stark contrast. complex, battered and contradictory characters are much more interesting!
I've not seen either of these movies in full yet! :emb:

However my fave character is Nancy (Jessica Alba) for obvious reasons :drool:

Thanks for the giveaway eps999!
Thanks for the giveaway matey:thumbs:

Would have to be Eva Green / Ava

She is just mesmerising and every time she's on screen, my jaw just hits the floor! Then the wife hits my jaw!!:LOL:
Thanks for the give away
I think for me it has to be Dwight played by Clive owen/Josh brolin A dark mysterious violent character clearly dangerous and protective and with a great story.
Nice Give Away :)


''...In the book Sin City: The Making of the Movie, creator Frank Miller describes the creation of Marv as a juxtaposition of his two biggest influences: film noir and medieval stories. The result was the idea for a character he called "Conan in a trench coat."

Need I say more...? Big Badd@ss who knows no pain :woot: