[Winner chosen] IT 4K Double pack Steelbook Collectors Edition Giveaway


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Nov 9, 2018
IT 4K Double pack Steelbook Giveaway Collectors Edition ( Sealed )
This is the French edition

It's been a while since I last posted a Giveaway so thought id offer this up to my fellow Ninja's :D

All that's needed to do is Thank and reply to the thread :thumbs:
Also if you want to (not needed to enter) is tell me if they didn't use the Art on both of these that they did then which Art would you liked to have seen?

This Giveaway is open to all Members Worldwide :thumbs:
Shipping will be free :thumbs:
The Giveaway will Run till next week (Saturday 27th). Will close around 10pm Uk time :D
The winner will be picked using Random.org :thumbs:

The winner will receive a sealed copy that I have picked up from Amazon.fr for this Giveaway.
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Very nice of you mate. I really like the single and double balloon art. But lots of good art for the IT’s. Love the original IT from CM. :)
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Let me add my thank you as well- very kind of you to do this giveaway! I wouldn't change the art at all- I love the unique design of these, and really, It has so much awesome art, it's hard to go wrong!
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nice one, @Robles! great giveaway, Ninja spirit! :thumbs:

that's the spirit yes GIF by Sixt

(not one for me, so you can leave me out the draw, just wanted to say that.)
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Anymore entries before I Close this in a couple of hours :thumbs:
Giveaway is Closed.
A winner will be picked very soon :thumbs:
Thanks to all those that entered and good luck :happy:
Winner picked via
Congrats @jasong :thumbs::D
Fire over your details mate and I'll get it posted later today for you.:whistle:

Thanks to everyone that entered


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