Zack Snyder's Justice League (Possible Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive No. ?) [Hong Kong]


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I enjoyed it overall. But felt it should have ended at the epilogue.

That just felt tacked on for Joker fanboy servicing IMO....

Also, when did Jared Letos Joker become a hybrid of Joachim Phoenix's Joker (laugh) and Heath Ledger's Joker (make up)?
I agree... the epilogue was cool and all, but felt unnecessary, especially as they'll obviously be no follow up. And yeah, Leto felt like he was just trying to do an impression of the better Jokers lol.
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Jul 22, 2020
Personally I enjoyed the epilogue, and thought the whole scene was very cool. It was a little unneeded i guess, but
as it was essentially just another nightmare dream sequence
I was happy to accept it as an extra that wasn't directly tied onto the film's plot.

I think it may have worked better as a mid credits sequence though, and should have stopped when
bruce woke up, rather than tagging the Martian Manhunter bit at the end.
That very end bit was unneeded imo.
Dec 23, 2020
So, with the steelbook being announced, do we reckon this will have a collector's edition or something?
I'm hoping there will be something else announced, as I'm not feeling the steelbook or blu ray/4K covers announced


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Jun 4, 2013
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I finally got to watch this at the weekend and I have to say I was much happier with this version. I actually really enjoyed it. I won’t lie I’m still not happy about the ratio and it did feel a little odd with that type of film but after a while you do just get used to it. I’m definitely a widescreen/ picture kind of guy!
But It certainly felt like such a better, heavier, fleshier and fuller film compared to the joss version.

Looking forward to seeing what Manta and Zeta do with their premium editions

I’ll put in a spoiler what I did like and the few things I wasn’t a fan of

first of all I much preferred all the action, alternate scenes, placement of scenes we had already seen and the pacing of it all. It didn’t feel as long as it was but it’s still quite a hefty film. But because I found it entertaining it went by nicely. Some really savage parts too which was great to see, wasn’t expecting that. I really liked that most the humour was taken away (or at least attempted out of place humour in the joss version) and that it was just kept to Flash which made sense and had much better deliveries. Cyborg and Aquaman were so much better in this film and much preferred their bigger roles. Aquaman was better in this than he is in his own film. Glad to see that awful scene where he has the truth whip round his leg was completely abolished. And all the dodgy lip superman scenes that joss filmed had been completely replaced. Absolutely loved the way Steppenwolf looks and acted compared to the joss version too. His suit of armour was quality. and was happy that things like Flash mentioning Louis is the key was referenced.

There are a few small things that I didn’t like though. I’m not bothered that Snyder changed the colour grading to his original vision to keep in line with his man of steel and BvS but I do prefer the look of the sequences where Steppenwolf attacks the Amazons for one of the Mother boxes in the Joss version because it’s so colourful and bright. It looks more like her home from in the actual Wonder Woman film in the Joss version compared to Zacks version however I do prefer how it all went down and the action more in the Zack version.
I was also a little disappointed that we didn’t see much from Darkseid. I thought we was going to see him fight or have a little savage moment. Hopefully we see more from him in the future.
I also thought the Martian man hunter part was pointless. I was also expecting a bit more from him. And it’s also weird that it’s the Military guy from MoS & BvS.
And the epilogue ending that’s a similar setting to Bruce’s kightmare in BvS with Bruce, Mera, Flash, death stoke and letos joker was strange too and kinda pointless. Couldn’t work out if it’s another vision like in BvS and that will actually happen in the future with superman going evil or if it’s like an alternate universe kind of thing lol.
And lastly, i preferred the white stripes icky thump playing when aquaman leaves the bar with the whiskey in the joss version lol.
Overall this is the better version though. By a landslide. As I said before the spoiler, really looking forward to seeing what Manta and Zeta do with their premium editions