Zavvi - Retailer chat [Europe]


**Retailer charges cards when items ship

Per update received at HDN, starting with August 4,2014 releases, Zavvi will ship in boxes again.

[email protected]

Possible contact #s:

- 08442 640702
- 01606 336169
- 08442 439088

Thanks yeslek!

Current packaging is a cardboard mailer with the steelbook usually wrapped in either a layer of bubble wrap or foam

Update 9/5/2013:

Current packaging-thanks dv8mad:

Previous packaging:

3/20/2013 Comparison of Play's old packaging to Zavvi's new packaging-thanks Zesty!


14/03/2013 By Wreck:
I now have confirmation that I can announce ... for all those worried about future packaging from Zavvi. My Play contact has been working with zavvi as well on this mission for better packaging. Between the 3 of us and the future comments from this community after its in place I'm sure it will be go over well.
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from the pick line ......... :thumbs:
foam inside

1/19/2013 Member Nyvo tweeted Zaavi about packaging concerns. They said they may be looking into alternate packaging methods.

Zavvi shipping international list:
Zavvi UK

Box update1- 1/7/2014

Box update 2-1/17//2014-we're told they have boxes again.


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Tbh, I wouldn't buy anything from Zavvi if I were you. Their delivery is the slowest of all of the other retailers I've dealt with & I certainly wouldn't buy a steelbook off them if you paid me as I've heard bad comments about their packaging.

It's just not worth it for the sake of £1.50 so you're definitely better off sticking with Play or Amazon as at least then you'll know that your steelboook will arrive in 1 piece :)

I did not even like clicking on the link to Zavvi. They use bubble mailers and their customer service is horrible.

Rant below if interested. If not, the above is just my humble opinion.

I spent 2 months dealing with them to get a refund. I ordered Hurt Locker and Flash Gordon from them at the same time. Hurt Locker arrived first. Someone stepped on it. They refunded me and let me keep the garbled piece of metal. I was like OK, great customer service. Then FG arrived with scratches all over it. They said I would have to ship it back for a refund. No problem. I submitted my receipt for reimbursement of shipping. After 2 weeks of reminders, I got that refund. A month later after many unanswered queries, I still had no refund for the return. I would submit queries 4-5 times a week without any kind of response. As the queries got more angry, they would respond but with no resolution. Sent proof again and 2 months later I finally got a refund. Cheap prices are not worth the stress. I will never deal with Zavvi or any other affiliated company. Rant over.
Do they ship to Canada? and how about their packing :ohno:

The are part of The Hut Group (The Hut, Zavvi, Sendit and gzoop) and they only post to the UK and some Euro countries, as for the packaging they now tend to post in the cardboard mailers/envelopes that amazon used to use.

Their CS is appalling but they can be cheap.

If they have it something in stock they post fairly fast but if they don't.........

They sometimes bulk buy a title and sell it cheap for quite a while too.
Ordered one set at sainsbury's for £8.09 each and one set at Zavvi for £8.49 + cashback. Don't care about the packaging as these aren't sought after Steelbooks like Iron Man. You can get the box for 37p and you still end up saving £1~£1.5 per Steelbook. Every little helps me.

For the overseas folks, the negative comments about Zavvi isn't entirely true. The only trouble with them is they are slow.

What about for returns. That is the most important thing for me.
What about for returns. That is the most important thing for me.

waited over 3 weeks for my order, when it finally arrived there were dents on 2 steels so I returned it. Waiting 3 days for each question you asked (where do I have to return it, where do I have to send for refund of postage....). I did receive full refund of my order but not for the postage of the returns.... this is the second time I returned dented steels but I got no refund of my postal costs. I sent several complaints for 2 weeks, now my account is deleted... no more zavvi for me.
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Never ordered a steel book from Zavvi, only Blu-rays. Two things I don't like: their shipping time which takes around a week after dispatch, and also they don't group items for dispatch on one order, which is a good thing because an item gets sent as soon as it becomes available. Trouble is half the items are never available until a month later and it never states this until you actually order. Never buying from them again. Took advantage of their 2 for £10 blu-ray deal but still waiting for many titles...

Zavvi outlet sent me a steelbook in this mailer, about as thin and 'bubble free' as you can get! Woeful stuff...also slower than a week in jail...took 8 working days to arrive.

That is very poor, that bubble mailer isn't going to protect anything.
I bought Demons 1 & 2 steelbook on 23 September .
It arrived damaged as it was packed in a plastic jiffy bag as shown above by Rob Paul.
I telephoned Zavvi who told me I needed to send them photos via email before they would give me an RMA number.
I sent the photos and heard nothing.
I telphoned 2 days later & they informed me the member of staff I spoke to who wanted the email was on holiday.
The new member of staff gave me a returns number and I posted the damaged steelbook to Zavvi on 4th October. I retain proof of posting (thankfully).
I heard nothing again so contacted customer services again on 11th October.
I received a reply on 14th October saying my enquiry was escalated to Customer Relations Team and I would receive a response in 2 working days.
4 working days later and again, there has been no response or action.
Ordered nearly all of the Warner Premiums through Zavvi as they had a couple of decent discount codes, basically 10% off an already reduced price.
Finally received 3 today in the old style Amazon style A1 Card envelopes.
All were fine, fingers crossed for the rest.
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I was a loyal customer to Zavvi back home in the UK and have kept on ordering the majority of my blu-rays through them for the last year and a half since I moved abroad. Never had issues with packaging and/or returns or communication. I once had made a silly mistake of clicking the "+" a few too many times on the quantity of a title and didn't realise until the status was processing in the warehouse. I called them and a lovely fella went to the effort of contacting the warehouse for me to make sure the extra copies weren't dispatched. Something that was entirely my fault.
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LOL - I don't think any major business is clean. They are all at it in one way or another - its like an open secret in our corporate-capitalist dominated society. :BS:
That's a given, I was merely pointing out that The Hut Group avoid paying tax by certain means themselves. Personally, I'd rather purchase my steelbooks from a site that packages them well and gets them to me in good time without them potentially going half way round the world before they get to me.
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