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[Funko Games] Holiday Games for All

With the holiday season right around the corner now is the perfect time to recap some of the fun and entertaining games…

FURIOUS 7 annihilates the box office!

The seventh FAST & FURIOUS zoomed past box office records during its opening weekend.

FAST & FURIOUS Limited Edition collection on its way from Universal

On March 24th, Universal Pictures will release a tire-shaped limited edition Blu-ray package of the FAST & FURIOUS collection.

FURIOUS 7 trailer hits the web

Horror director James Wan of INSIDIOUS and THE CONJURING fame trades in the spooky for the speedy as he takes a stab at the final…

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Box Art Update!

I have a couple of updates regarding recently revealed box art for the upcoming releases. Enjoy!

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UK: Fast & Furious Coming to Blu-Ray

Universal have announced that they will bring the new Fast & Furious film to blu-ray on 14th September 2009. The film follows…

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UK:Fast & Furious Boxset coming to Blu-Ray

Universal have announced they will bring a 4 disc boxset of all the Fast & Furious films to Blu-Ray on the !4th…

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Fast & Furious gets detailed!

For all the fans of the series today we get news that Universal has detailed the release of Fast & Furious. The…