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Mezco Toyz Fair 2023

Mezco Toyz Fair returns and this February, even if the TIA wants to move International Toy Fair elsewhere! #MezcoToyzFair is a 3…

Jack Huston cast as lead in THE CROW remake

Jack Huston has landed the lead in the remake of the 1994 cult film, THE CROW.

THE CROW reboot in big trouble

THE CROW reboot’s F. Javier Gutiérrez has dropped out as director and it looks like star Luke Evans may be following him.

Review – SAVAGED showcases revenge at its finest

Kenneth Livitski shares his thoughts regarding Michael S. Ojeda’s SAVAGED in this Hi-Def Ninja exclusive review.

The Crow Makes its Way on Blu-ray

It has finally been confirmed by Lionsgate that the 1994 action film ‘The Crow’ is now going to be released on Blu-ray….