88 Films answer questions on Halloween


Our friends, James and Rich, over at UK label 88 FILMS have kindly taken some time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions put to them about their thoughts on Halloween.

HI-DEF NINJA: “Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to sit down and answer a few questions for our coverage over the Halloween period.”

88 FILMS:“Hey buddy no problem! We will do our best to answer, but we don’t do well under pressure!”


HDN: “I’ll start with the most obvious question… what’s your favourite Halloween movie?”

88 FILMS –

JAMES: “Wow, such a difficult question! Maybe HELLRAISER or PET CEMETARY. Hmm, I’m zombie nuts, so i love all the Romero flicks! So forget that, I’ll be boring and go with DAWN.”

RICH: “How about THE THING and BAD TASTE, off the top of my head! There are so many good ones to pick from.”

J: “And PREDATOR… and ALIENS…? We grew up loving them.”

R: “They are more Sci-fi.”

J: “They are so scary!”

R: “You have a man crush on Arnie.”

J: “I do.” 


HDN: “Ah, a man after my own heart! Okay, who’s your favorite horror movie serial killer?”

88 FILMS –

J: “Stuntman Mike – the psychopathic stunt man from Tarantino’s DEATH PROOF. Hell yeah! “

R: “Good shout! For me, I’ll go with Anton Chigurh.”

J: “Great Villain! He flips a coin, right… to decide his victims fate?”

R: “We do that.”

J: “Not to decide on peoples fate!”

R: “Just big 88 decisions!”


HDN: “What movie scared you as a kid?”

88 FILMS – 

J: “JURASSIC PARK! The only film I remember having nightmares from – the Dilophosaurus scared the crap outta me, and the Velociraptors in the kitchen! E.T. scared me. When E.T. bounces the ball back! And ALIENS every time!”

R: “What’s the Dilophosaurus?”

J: “The Spitter! He hisses and spits black goo at your eyes. What movie scared you?…”


J: “What?”

R: “The creepy henchman was really scary.”

J: “What did he do?”

R: “I’m not the only one, man! He was really scary – I was just a kid!”

J: “As a kid, I was scared of Diesel from THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE.”

R: “Okay, something with really creepy stop motion! ROBOCOP! No, TERMINATOR!… when he comes out the fire…”

J: “That’s not stop motion when he comes out the fire, is it?”

R: “Yeah.”

J: “Is it?”

R: “The wide shot is.”


HDN: “So what movie scares you guys now?”

88 FILMS – 

J: “I’m no longer scared of anything. I think I’m desensitised.”

R: “Same; what lame answers.”


HDN: “Hahaha, no worries, guys! So what, so far, is your favorite 88 Films produced movie that you’ve released on Blu-ray?”

88 FILMS – 



HDN: “And rightly so! You guys did a fantastic job with that! I for one cannot wait for the rest of the Toxie series to be released on BD by you guys! Okay, last one: if you could choose any horror movie to give the 88 Films treatment to, what would it be?”

88 FILMS –

J: “Back to the Future.” 🙂

R: “Krull.”

This leaves me to end this interview by saying a huge thank you once again to both James and Rich for taking the time to share their answers with us. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

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