The First Trailer of “X-Men: First Class” proved Magnificent

The First trailer of “X-Men: First Class” received a very positive response from the spectators. The people who viewed the first trailer were left stunned as it proved to be much promising after the last two X-men movies. People were doubtful of the trailer being captivating especially after the release of not so cool and poorly Photoshoped group shot of the movie, released a couple of weeks ago.

Michael Fassbender in collaboration with MTV came up with commentary while watching the trailer and shared some of the movie associated talks.

“X-Men: First Class”, a 20th Century Fox movie is directed by Matthew Vaughn. The project first showed a promising sign when Matthew Vaughn was set forth to direct the movie. The movie is to be released on 3rd June and there are a lot of reasons for X-men fans to look forward to it.

The movie script revolves round the two main characters Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Xavier (James McAvoy). They along with other mutant work to stop the high end social club (Hellfire Club) meant for the elite class. Kevin Becon plays the role of the leader.  This time the movie has to portray the younger version of Mystique by Jennifer Lawrence and Beast by Nicholas Hoult. Another interesting character is Azazel brought forward by Jason Flemyng.

This fox movie is produced by Bryan Singer. Singer directed the first two X-Men movies which proved to be the landmark movies in the era for super hero movies. The later X-Men movies were not up to the mark, however performed well commercially.

Singer and Vaughn combination to come up with “X-Men: First Class” looked great on papers and the first trailer of the movie makes it look good on the screen too.

With the Marvel studio release “Captain America: The First Avenger” and the Warner Bros release “Green Lantern”, “X-Men: First Class” is all set to face the tough competition this summer.