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TRICK ‘R TREAT Film Review

Coby Evans gives a review of one of his favorite Halloween films, TRICK ‘R TREAT.

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST – THE ROGUE CUT Blu-ray coming from Fox

Twentieth Century Fox has announced the release of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST – THE ROGUE CUT on Blu-ray.

[Breaking News!] Olivia Munn is Psylocke in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE!

Olivia Munn has been cast as Psylocke in Bryan Singer’s X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.

Lana Condor has been cast as Jubilee in the upcoming X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE has cast Lana Condor as Jubilee.

Jennifer Lawrence finished with Mystique after X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

During a recent interview, Jennifer Lawrence confirmed that X-MEN: APOCALYPSE will be her final outing as Mystique.

Bryan Singer announces the new Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops!

Director Bryan Singer has announced that fan-favorite X-characters Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops will be returning for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.

Breaking News! Oscar Isaac cast as the villain in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE!

The next X-MEN film, APOCALYPSE, will star Oscar Isaac as the lead villain.


How do you bring everyone together?  That is the question returning X-MEN director Bryan Singer must have been set on answering in his…

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The First Trailer of “X-Men: First Class” proved Magnificent

The First trailer of “X-Men: First Class” received a very positive response from the spectators. The people who viewed the first trailer…

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Valkyrie Gets Blu-ray Release Date & Cover Art

Hey, remember this movie?  It’s ok, I’ll give you some time to think about it … Yeah, alot of people have the…