‘The Fighter’ now on Blu-ray

Anyone deciding to watch ‘The Fighter’ would certainly expect an uncomplicated and straight out movie that is all about boxing. Well ‘The Fighter’ has pretty unique aspects to offer within the plot. The movie follows Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), the underdog boxer of the movie who has his fair share of family issues that always seem to be a hurdle in between his boxing career to flourish, yet he still strives to win the title. The plot of the film surely seems quite appealing; especially for boxing fans and those who prefer such movies in general, but it also the acting that sets this film apart from any others you might have watched. Having Christian Bale as a part of the cast of the film was surely an asset and the emotional lines that his character spoke at the end of the film are sure to be more than iconic. The screenplay of the film is also rather impressive and for those considering the film to be just another average boxing film would actually be proven wrong.

Now that ‘The Fighter’ is available on Blu-ray and DVD, apart from watching the film there are quite a lot of additional features that the viewers would be able to enjoy. David. O. Russell’s audio commentary, additional deleted scenes and the making of the movie showcased as a mini documentary are featured within the discs as well.

Thus whether you are a boxing fan or not, having this film on Blu-ray and DVD is still worth it considering the plot and acting.