Star Wars: The Complete Saga Disc Set Soon On Blu-Ray

September 16th will mark the day that the entire Star Wars Saga will finally join the list of Blu-ray films and fans of the franchise would certainly be very excited by now. The Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray set released by Fox not only includes all the films that are a part of the saga but also quite a long list of additional features as well. These special features are quite attention grabbing and therefore admirers of the Star Wars saga would be watching the spectacular films like never before.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray disc set includes over forty hours of film and additional footage so the fans would definitely have plenty to watch. With the 6.1 DTS surround sound quality, viewers watching the Star Wars movies once again or for the first time would truly be blown away. The six out of nine discs included in the set contain the six films of the saga with the general DVD features, while the rest of the three discs are entirely dedicated to the additional, special features. One of these discs entirely includes only to Star Wars documentaries, while the other two contain some very rare footage. Thus watching the films with so much extra footage would make the experience last quite long.

Most of the special features in the additional discs, included as a part of the disc set contain archive footage such as deleted, extended and alternate film scenes. The wait for the Blu-ray disc set is certainly quite long but may the force be with the Star Wars fans.