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STAR WARS: The Digital Movie Collection debuts in April!

Disney and Lucasfilm have just announced that the STAR WARS SAGA will be released by practically every digital media outlet.

Star Wars Deleted Scenes Sneak Peek

Not at Comic Con? I know we are missing a heck of a lot of Star Wars stuff, but luckily stuff has…

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Star Wars: The Complete Saga Disc Set Soon On Blu-Ray

September 16th will mark the day that the entire Star Wars Saga will finally join the list of Blu-ray films and fans…

Star Wars Detailed!

Further details have been revealed for the most anticipated title of the year, if not the most anticipated since Blu-ray became the…

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Star Wars Coming in September! [Updated]

CES is finally back to Las Vegas, one of the biggest electronic tradeshows on the planet today always brings some pleasant surprises….

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George Lucas Announces Star Wars on Blu-ray!!

Yup, you read that right folks. It’s true we are not lying nor we are making this stuff up. The man behind…