Transformers: Dark of the Moon Proves to be the 4th of July Box Office Topper

Almost all of us knew that Transformers: Dark of the Moon by Michael Bay would leave an everlasting impression on the Box Office and it certainly prove us right by setting a new 4th of July box office record. This film made its North American debut on the 28th of June, which was Tuesday night, at 9 p.m. and managed earn up to $181.125 million upon its release. The audience’s excitement for the film seems evident since it managed to earn $97.5 million from Friday till Sunday that became the new July 4th weekend record and $116.4 million from Friday till Monday.

This is definitely a huge win for Paramount Pictures and there are a variety of reasons behind this success. Firstly the film was in 3D therefore a 60% of its revenue was being backed by this and second it was features at IMAX therefore managing to earn nearly $14 million domestically. As far as international territories are concerned, T3 earned $217 million and another $379 million were earned globally as well.

Cars 2 by Disney/Pixar, the former box office topper has now dropped down to the second spot still managing to earn a total of $207.5 million dollars from its worldwide revenue till date. Further down on the third position at the box office we have ‘Bad Teacher’ the R-rated comedy by Sony that crossed the $60 million mark in its North American revenue.

Even though Transformers: Dark of the Moon did not include Megan Fox, surely fans of the franchise were not disappointed by what they saw.