Intruder Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack To Be Released on December 13

This December Intruder is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray by Synapse Films. The 1989 horror-thriller film has been directed by Scott Spiegel, revolves around a murderous lunatic who begins stalking and killing a supermarket’s overnight staff one by one. The killer dismembers each of his victims and leaves their body parts all over the store.

This horror film stars the likes of Bruce Campbell, Renée Estevez, Burr Steers, Ted Raimi and Sam Raimi, all of whom are popular cult favorites. Spiegel is also well known as the man who acquainted Quentin Tarantino to Lawrence Bender, who later became Tarantino’s producing partner.

The Director’s Cut of Intruder, which is 88 minutes long, will be presented in this Blu-ray version by Synapse. The film will be featured in a 1.78:1 aspect ratio, due to a recent 2K digital restoration, with a 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio sound track. Additional bonus features will also be included in this Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, such as:

Cast audition footage

Commentary with writer/director Scott Spiegel and producer Lawrence Bender

Extended murder sequences from the original workprint

Outtakes from Spiegel’s lost short film, Night Crew

Slashed Prices: The Making of Intruder featurette

Stills gallery

Theatrical trailer

Back in the 80s, this film was very well received by the horror move fans and this will therefore  be quite a blast from the past, making it worthwhile to get this Blu-ray/DVD combo pack upon its release. Synapse confirmed the 13th of December as the release date for the Intruder Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.