The Several Days of Fan Expo Begins NOW! (UPDATED)

The time has come, Ninjas! I’ve temporarily relocated myself for the weekend to Toronto, Ontario… the home of FAN EXPO CANADA! Lots of very cool news and updates are incoming and they’ll be exclusive to Hi-Def Ninja. Now, I’m sure you have a question and that question is, “If Fan Expo is only running for four days, then why is this article titled ‘The Several Days of Fan Expo’?” Let me tell you…

While Fan Expo is only running for four days, the fact of the matter is, there’s going to be a lot of information shared… too much for one person to handle. Since I want to give you all the news you deserve in the best way possible, I won’t be rushing any of my updates. I’ll attend all the panels and take all the photos and then post them throughout the next week. Not only that, but you can all expect some very cool giveaways, whether you’re a Ninja or not!

This article will be updated throughout the week every time a new Fan Expo article is posted. Expect your first piece of news TODAY within the next few hours! I hope you all enjoy!


Hands-On with the PS4 and KNACK
Spotlight on Stan Lee – Part One
A Look at Spawning Pool Studios

Exhibitors Bring the Awesome
Linda Hamilton Spotlight – Part One
GIVEAWAY: Superior Spider-Man #16 Stan Lee Variants

TriForce Brings the Goods
A Savaged Interview with Amanda Adrienne (HDN Exclusive)
GIVEAWAY: Game of Thrones’ Dany Targaryen Print by Robert James Luedke

Spotlight on Stan Lee – Part Two

Linda Hamilton Spotlight – Part Two
GIVEAWAY: Terminator 2: Judgement Day KimchiDVD Exclusive Blu-ray Steelbook


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