SAW 10th Anniversary arriving in theaters for Halloween

In 2004, a little horror film took the world by storm. Made for just $1.2-million, SAW went on to gross over $100-million at the worldwide box office. Not only was it a surprise hit for distributor Lionsgate, but it also spawned six yearly sequels and created the most sinister, memorable horror villain in years with Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw.

At the time, nobody had heard of director James Wan or writer Leigh Whannell, but after SAW was released, the duo went on to create some of the most popular horror films of the last decade including the creepy INSIDIOUS franchise. Last year, Wan directed the massive hit THE CONJURING and now he’s currently helming the new FAST & FURIOUS film — arguably Universal Pictures’ biggest franchise today. Whannell, on the other hand, has been hard-at-work with his directorial debut, INSIDIOUS: PART 3. Not only has SAW been good to Wan and Whannell, it also helped rejuvenate the horror genre.

To celebrate the film’s 10th Anniversary, Lionsgate will be re-releasing SAW into theaters for one week only beginning this Thursday, October 30. On top of that, they’ve also released three new posters as well as a special anniversary trailer. You can see all of them below.

Remember, “If it’s Halloween, it must be… SAW.”

Saw1     Saw2     Saw3


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