[UPDATED] 88 Films to release HMV Exclusives of THE TOXIC AVENGER 2, 3 & 4! [UK]

No HMV exclusives for Toxic Avenger 3 & 4 it seems. This is a reply I have had straight from the guys over at 88 FIlms –

Unfortunately we are not doing exclusives for the toxie 3and4 now. reason being toxie 1 did quite well and shifted lots of units but HMV we selling at 7.99. with their dealer price less 30% less sales commission less distribution we we making about £1 for each sale

great for everyone but us

They will have reversible art and thin green case though

Our friends over at 88 Films have confirmed to us here at HDN that they will indeed be releasing HMV exclusive versions of the TOXIC AVENGER series to match the release of the first one!


THE TOXIC AVENGER II, THE TOXIC AVENGER PART III: THE LAST TEMPTATION OF TOXIE and THE TOXIC AVENGER IV: CITIZEN TOXIE will all be released as standard amaray versions, but UK retailer HMV will also release an exclusive version of each with limited edition slipcases featuring alternate artwork and a limited edition poster inside each seperate edition. However, there won’t be any SteelBook releases this time round unlike the first TOXIC AVENGER.

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