Neill Blomkamp and Simon Kinberg attach to THE LEVIATHAN

the leviathan movie

It’s not often that a video short can make the Internet buzz enough to spawn it into feature film, but that’s exactly what Ruairi Robinson has done with his viral short THE LEVIATHAN. It is absolutely the most incredible short video I’ve seen without the backing of major players, but that’s all changing. Simon Kinberg and Neill Blomkamp are attached and ready to make Robinson’s dream a huge realty.

THE LEVIATHAN is set on a planet where there are gargantuan creatures that are large enough to devour ships that crews of humans are on. The creatures have eggs that make traveling at faster than light possible, allowing humans to colonize more planets.

Kinberg is best known for being the producer of five of the X-MEN films and the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR. Blomkamp is best known for directing DISTRICT 9, ELYSIUM, CHAPPIE and the upcoming fifth film in the ALIEN series. Both Kinberg and Blomkamp have collaborated on prior films ELYSIUM and CHAPPIE, so they obviously have excellent rapport. I’m excited about this movie being made and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

THE LEVIATHAN is currently being filmed and will release sometime in 2017!


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