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DSC06665This past Thursday ttpm (the Toys, Tots, Pets, & More) held their Spring 2017 show. For those not familiar with them ttpm is a site where purchasers can research the best toys. It is the only site that combines reviews (written and video) with live pricing comparisons, one-click purchasing, and product availability of major retailers. With their app shoppers can make informed decisions when making purchases at the store or online, saving both time and money.

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The show started off with an introduction by Christopher Byrne (Content Director) and Laurie Leahey (Senior Editor) covering the summers most wanted items which included products from the upcoming movie CARS 3, an Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet from Hasbro, Wonder Woman Dolls from Mattel, as well as outdoor toys and toys for younger children. I will be focusing on products relevant to Hi-Def Ninja but for a full list of the 2017 Summer most wanted toys please follow the link to the ttpm site:

DSC06664 DSC06663So what did Hi-Def Ninja cover while we were there. Mostly the same as at Toy Fair however there were plenty of new products not seen at Toy Fair from our favorite companies including Hasbro, Lego, Mattel, Disney, Jakks Pacific, Universal, Nickelodeon, and more.

Unlike toy fair which has massive booths the show is held in a smaller studio so companies do have limited products on display, but in any case let’s move forward!

Hasbro was in attendance at ttpm with products from their Marvel SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING movie but the newest products on display were both a Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet and the new FORCES OF DESTINY Adventure Figures. Not on display but announced on the same day was a Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series Optimus Prime Figure.

DSC06734 DSC06722 DSC06723 DSC06725 DSC06726 DSC06728 DSC06729 DSC06731 DSC06732 DSC06735 DSC06736 DSC06737 DSC06738 DSC06739 DSC06740 DSC06743TRANSFORMERS Masterpiece Movie Series Optimus Prime MPM-4 Figure
Summer 2017 – $99.99
Co-created by Hasbro and Tomy, the figure is inspired by the iconic OPTIMUS PRIME character in the 2007 TRANSFORMERS film and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise. Pay homage to the great AUTOBOT leader with all the detail you expect from a MASTERPIECE product, including die cast parts! Converts in 43 steps and comes with a Matrix of Leadership accessory and other exciting weapon accessories.

C08930620_630509586127_pkg_17 C08930620_630509586127_detail_17 C08930620_630509586127_main_17

Another favorite of Hi-Def Ninja, Lego, was also at the show with a display of products from many of their signature lines. On display was a technic car, Brick Headz, the Milano from the upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2, the previously displayed STAR WARS Y-Wing, and a brand new Creator Expert Carousel.

DSC06780 DSC06783 DSC06784 DSC06785 DSC06786 DSC06787 DSC06795 DSC06788 DSC06789 DSC06791 DSC06792 DSC06793 DSC06794 DSC06796 DSC06798More about the Creator Expert Carousel

This massive 2,670 piece set features seven minifigures (a ride operator, mom, dad, boy, girl, grandmother and a granddaughter), a large textile canopy, ornate reflective rounding boards with blue and gold detailing, reflective center panels, and a 2-tier deck comprising a raised boarding platform with handrail and a main platform with 5 buildable animal rides, including a white swan and 4 moving animals (elephant, tiger, flamingo, and a frog).

Set on a buildable base for easy transportation you can Turn the crank and see the elephant, tiger, flamingo and frog move up and down as the carousel rotates. Buy your ticket at the booth, take the stairs to the boarding platform and choose your favorite animal ride evoking feelings of nostalgia, romance and adventure. Upgrade with LEGO Power Functions (8883) for fully motorized operation.

10257_Box5_v39 10257_Box1_v39 DSC06799 DSC06800 DSC06801 DSC06802 DSC06803 DSC06804 DSC06805 DSC06806Look for this set to be available starting in June with a retail price of $199.99. Combine it with the Creator Expert Ferris Wheel (10247) set to build an entire fairground. This will be a tough call between this set and the PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN Silent Mary.

Along with the previously released WONDER WOMAN Dolls and DC SUPER HERO GIRLS Mattel had a display of new licensed products from both FAST AND THE FURIOUS 8 and CARS 3.

DSC06669 DSC06670 DSC06671 DSC06673 DSC06676 DSC06674 DSC06677 DSC06679 DSC06680 DSC06681 DSC06682 DSC06683 DSC06684 DSC06685 DSC06686 DSC06687 DSC06688 DSC06689 DSC06691 DSC06692 DSC06693 DSC06694 DSC06695 DSC06696 DSC06697 DSC06698 DSC06699 DSC06700 DSC06701 DSC06702 DSC06703 DSC06704 DSC06705 DSC06706 DSC06707 DSC06709 DSC06710 DSC06714 DSC06715 DSC06717 DSC06719
Disney was also displaying CARS 3 products including the Mattel Hot Wheels cars as well as Crash Em’s Plush from Just Play and remote control vehicles and Die Cast cars available only through the Disney Store and finally a Lightning McQueen High Performance Racer from Thinkway!

The High Performance Racer features a long range 2.4 GHz proportional 2-channel radio system. The 16’’ long racer is set for speed and will move in all directions, but beware this product will set you back a cool $149.99 at Toys R Us or Amazon.

DSC06744 DSC06746 DSC06748 DSC06749 DSC06750 DSC06751 DSC06752 DSC06753 DSC06755 DSC06756 DSC06758 DSC06759 DSC06760 DSC06761 DSC06763 DSC06765 DSC06766 DSC06767 DSC06768 DSC06770JAKKS PACIFIC
Jakks Pacific had a bunch of products on display but we will focus on the Rock ‘N Roll Groot from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2, gift ems, and Tsum Tsums.

The remote controlled XPV Rock ‘N Roll Groot dances, spins, talks, and lights up. Features a manual mode where you control Groot using a remote control fashioned after the “Awesome Mix” cassette tape user can make Groot shimmy, groove, and spin around. In listen mode Groot will dance to almost any song. A button on the remote will make Groot say his iconic line. Retailing for $39.99 Groot is available now.

DSC06809 DSC06807 DSC06808 DSC06813 DSC06814 DSC06815 DSC06816 DSC06817 DSC06818 DSC06819 DSC06820 DSC06821 DSC06822 DSC06823 DSC06824
Universal was at the show showcasing products from a number of properties including licensed products from DESPICABLE ME 3 such as Mattel’s Mega Construx Sets, mineez from Moose Toys (the largest collection of figures they have ever done), and Illumination for mystery plushes.

DSC06838 DSC06839 DSC06840 DSC06841 DSC06842 DSC06843 DSC06844 DSC06845

Nickelodean was on hand SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Plush figures as well as TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Plush figures and minis.

DSC06827 DSC06828 DSC06834 DSC06835 DSC06830 DSC06833 DSC06831 DSC06832 DSC06829 DSC06836

The popular Ozobot smart robot, is a company dedicated to blending creative thinking with business disciplines to bring new ideas to market. Evollve’s focus is on introducing new ways to combine social interaction with digital apps. The Ozobot Bit GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Starter Pack and Ozobot Bit SPIDER-MAN Starter Pack, features Marvel Action Skins for the Bluetooth-enabled Ozobot Evo. Ozobot is the only adaptive robotics company creating a hybrid of physical and digital STEAM experiences that strengthen critical thinking, creativity and tech skills.

By coloring on a piece of paper, players direct Ozobot through a patented color command language, which makes the Ozobot spin, dance, zigzag and more. As players advance, they can program Ozobot Bit with its block-based programming language, OzoBlockly. Ozobot’s newest robot, Ozobot Evo, is Bluetooth-enabled. This makes it easy to connect to the Ozobot app, which has missions, games and messaging features that make the Ozobot experience even more social and fun. Check them out here:

DSC06776 DSC06778 DSC06775 DSC06771 DSC06772 DSC06774
Emzo’s Kawaii Squeezies the international sensation is finally coming to the USA! Soft, squishy, collectible fun! Series 2 featuring food; Series 3 animals, Series 4 accessories, and Series 5 fantasy creatures

DSC06846 DSC06847 DSC06848


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