A review of Mezco’s One:12 Collective Daredevil!

A review of Mezco's One:12 Collective Daredevil!
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With a hit Netflix series and an excellent run in the comics, Marvel’s Daredevil is getting some love from the collectibles companies.  As a part of Mezco’s One:12 Collective, they have created their own version that is a comic book version with a twist.  He runs about $80 USD before the shipping and taxes.  Let’s check him out!


As far the packaging goes, this is one of the places that Mezco always stays a step above the rest.  The packaging is made so that it caters to various types of collectors; meaning both the “in” and “out” of box people.  The outside has the “DD” symbol on the front and the back has the included extras plus various poses for the figure.  This has the magnetic gatefold box so that it opens up to reveal the figures in a plastic window.  Like I said, this is good for in-box collectors because they could keep him on the shelf, in the box like a book with the “DD” also on the spine or show off the cover or even keep it open with the gatefold.  The opposing side of the gatefold has a comic book version of The Man Without Fear with negative space art.  


This iteration of Daredevil/Matt Murdock is a mix of the comic book version and Mezco’s own twist on the design.  First off, the coloring has some maroon tones that make it slightly darker than the photos shown on the Mezco website photos.  It’s more of a cross between the Ben Affleck and Charlie Cox versions.  

One of the best features of the figure is the inclusion of three different headsculpts: one standard with his helmet on, one with Matt Murdock unmasked, and a damaged look with half of Matt’s face exposed.  The fully masked version has the small details up the sides and the eye expressions around the forehead.  The damaged version is basically the unmasked and the masked together split almost in half.  Where you can see his eyes, they are white and without an iris. Murdock is a ginger but not the bright, fiery orange type but a subtle darker look.  Like his helmet, he has a classic comic book look with armor on his shoulders, elbows, and knees.  He also has larger gauntlets and thicker belts on his waist.  Attached to the belts are pouches and a holster for his Billy clubs.  The material on his body is stitched fabric that is covered in a shiny rubber-like material.  It’s on the glossy side with the fabric parts being a matte.  He has the Daredevil “DD” logo from the books and it looks good. He has boots that have a tactical design like current military boots with a sneaker-like design. They look awesome and realistic for a character and practical for the way that he fights crime while patrolling the city. The boots and gauntlets have some even brush strokes that catch shadows. That’s what makes the reds blend in.


He comes with 6 pairs of matching hands to give you a variety of poses and cool ways to make him have some action looks.  The variety is an awesome touch and he has closed fists that slowly open by the time you get to the last pair.  He also has his Billy club in a separated look and a separated one that it attached by a long, metal wire for posing.  The separated version can be put into the holster that he has and they fit perfectly.  You cane also make it so that you can have it appear like he is in the middle of taking it out or securing it back into the holster.  

The Billy club that is attached by the wire can also make for some cool poses. It can twist in a way that is very close to the look you see in the comics.  I got it to loop above his head so it adds to his mid-motion look.  My only gripe with the club is the wire is incredibly thin and I’m afraid it may break with excessive posing but to be honest, I don’t think there is another way to accomplishes this look. He also comes with a disc that looks like he is using his powers of “sight”.  That attached to a peg that then attached to the claw arm and it can rotate to accommodate the pose that you’re going for.  

The stand is the large, circular base-type with the “DD” Daredevil logo like the one on his chest against a red background.  There is the small foot peg to keep him standing up on the base.  The peg can be removed to insert a posable arm for mid-jump posing and balancing him on the stand when the peg just won’t do. Mezco also made sure to include their clear plastic bags to label and hold the accessories that you are not using.


The articulation, like pretty much every figure from the One:12 Collective, is very flexible for posing but the Miles Morales Spider-Man seems to have the same body.  This is probably because he is acrobatic like Spidey so you can get some dynamic poses out if him.  
The knees seem to be double-jointed and very flexible at the ankles.  Combine that with the posable weapons and this piece will look beautiful on display.


This Daredevil (and the Shadowland version as well) is an excellent representation of the comic book counterparts.  The costume has just enough of a twist on it to make it Mezco’s own but keep the spirit of The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.  With the included accessories, the stand options, and especially the three headsculpts; you really have an amazing figure here.  

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