1. Noodles

    [WINNER CHOSEN] Noodles' Funko Pops + HDN Pins Giveaway!

    HOST: Noodles DURATION: February 21st-25th WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered HDN members PRIZE: Hulk Funko Pop Bob Ross Funko Pop Black Label pin HDN Ninja pin HOW DO I ENTER? 1. Thank this post - it's easier for me to see all entrants that way. 2. Answer the following question... Q: Which...
  2. kaw

    Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z - Pop! Vinyl Series [Funko]

    DRAGON BALL Z Series 1 : (Already released) Series 2: Release Date: July 2016 Entertainment Earth
  3. kaw

    Overwatch - Pop! Vinyl Series [Funko]

    Overwatch - Pop! [Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming team-based shooter Video Game] Release Date: May 2016 Entertainment Earth GameStop
  4. kaw

    Nathan Drake (Uncharted 4) - Pop! Vinyl Figure [Funko]

    Uncharted 4 - Nathan Drake Release Date: March 2016 Entertainment Earth
  5. kaw

    Dodgeball - Pop! Vinyl Series [Funko]

    Dodgeball (Movie) - Pop! Vinyl Series Release Date: Dec 2015 237 - Peter La Fleur 238 - White Goodman
  6. kaw

    Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty (Discussion Thread) [Funko]

    Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Box Ships in Nov 2015. LINK DEBUT BOX INCLUDES 2-EXCLUSIVE POP! VINYLS! NOVEMBER BOX CLOSES ON 11/12
  7. alvinhwang21

    Funko Vinyl Sugar- Dorbz master thread UPDATED

    Everything and anything to do with dorbz, funko is coming out with A LOT of new ones, so figured a thread would be appropriate. There is a lot to go through at the moment, so will be updating this thread over the next few days with pics and etc... marvel: guardians: Batman: DC: XL Dorbz: XL...
  8. kaw

    Daredevil - Marvel Pop! Vinyl Figure [Funko]

    Daredevil - Pop! Vinyl Figures Underground Toys who are the European distributor of POP! will be releasing these Daredevils in June. The Red one will be widely available through all European retailers. The Yellow one is an exclusive for Forbidden Planet International. You can order both...
  9. Flash

    Rocky Horror Show Pop vinyl series [Funko]

    Hey guys I'm sorry this needed an OMG in the title because new concert art released for Rocky Horror pops coming soon... How awesome are these going to be :)
  10. kaw

    Fifth Element - Pop! Vinyl Series [Funko]

    Fifth Element - Pop Vinyl Series Release Date: Sept 2015 Amazon Entertainment Earth 189 - Korben Dallas 190 - Leeloo 191 - Zorg 192 - Ruby Rhod 193 - LeeLoo 194 - Mangalore 195 - Diva
  11. kaw

    Kung Fu Panda - Pop! Vinyl Series [Funko]

    Kung Fu Panda - Pop! Series Release Date: Feb 2016 Entertainment Earth - Po - Tigress Entertainment Earth Exclusive Flocked Po: (coming soon?) - Master Shifu - Monkey - Mr Ping
  12. D

    American Horror Story: Freakshow Pop! Vinyl

    Loads of concept art released for the 2015 Pops today but these ones caught my eye over most of the others!
  13. kaw

    Holographic Emperor (Star Wars) Pop! Vinyl Figure (Toy Wars Exclusive) [Funko]

    STAR WARS - Holographic Emperor - GITD Pop! Vinyl Figure (Toy Wars Exclusive) On Sale Friday Jan 30th 2015 $14.99 (Limit of 2 per Household)
  14. mlmaier84

    Marvel Collector Corps (Discussion Thread) [Funko]

    This statement was made by Brian Mariotti (President of Funko) last week about Marvel. It was made in the POP!s section of another forum by Mariotti himself. "Keep your eyes on a special announcement coming directly from Marvel next week. Next week could one of the most epic weeks in the...
  15. kaw

    Star Trek (TNG) - POP! Vinyl Series [Funko]

    Star Trek: The Next Generation FUNKO POP! Vinyl Figures: Funko have confirmed that they will be releasing 8 new Star Trek pop vinyl figures to the POP Television series. Available: MARCH 2015 The new collection will include: - Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Will Riker - Data - Worf - Geordi La...
  16. mlmaier84

    The Matrix POP! Vinyl Series [Funko]

    Just announced that The Matrix POP! Vinyl Figures will be one of Funko's new series!!! Release Date: TBA Amazon Zavvi
  17. kaw

    Game of Thrones - Pop! Vinyl Series (Master Thread) [Funko]

    GAME OF THRONES Funko Pop! Vinyl Amazon Zavvi Entertainment Earth Series 1: Series 2: Series 3: Series 4: Series 5:
  18. mlmaier84

    SackBoy (LittleBigPlanet) POP! Vinyl Series [Funko]

    Release Date: October/November 2014 INFO: http://popvinyl.net/pop-vinyl-news/new-littlebigplanet-sack-boy-pop-vinyl/
  19. Flash

    X-Files Pop Vinyl [Funko]

    Amazon Zavvi Entertainment Earth I was having a discussion about which characters I would like made into pop figures. I really wanted the X-Files done and to my delight online I read that they are in the works. These are the prototypes of Mulder and an alien. No release date as yet but...
  20. mlmaier84

    Glow-in-the-Dark SpongeBob SquarePants (Hot Topic Exclusive) POP! Vinyl Series

    Release Date: IN STORES NOW!!!