9th Annual SteelBook of the Year 2019 - Nominations

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Hey Ninjas!

We're keeping it simple this year by putting up one thread for the nominations.

There are some great retailers that brought us some great releases in 2019. It's time to share your favorites, in our 9th Annual SteelBook of the Year for 2019.

After the nomination period ends around mid January 2020, the voting polls will be opened, and you will be able to vote until end of January, 2020. The winners will be announced afterwards.

Any Steelbooks that were completely released, shipped and in the hands of customers by December 31, 2019 are eligible.

Please nominate your favorite picks in your reply to this thread. @Wreck will go through them and pick who will make it to the voting polls.

Feel free to use pictures, to share with fellow Ninjas why you've made that choice.

Have fun everyone & thanks for being part of the hidefninja.com community!


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Jun 4, 2013
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I think we will get to that ... but likely just Best Box set , and perhaps just lump DL, SL, and FS together ... so its the best of one of those as sometimes some categories suffer. I'd like it more concentrated and less stuffy this year. But my mind can be changed on that if people feel compelled to drop like a top 10 SL and top 10 FS then perhaps might be able to pull that together then.

In the past I think we have had some categories that could of gone but I think best steelbook, lenti, Full slip and one click categories are the ones. If you wana do 2 separate lenti polls (single and double) then fair enough but I think just a lenti poll is fine.
Nov 19, 2018
Aquaman -MantaLab

Oct 9, 2019
My favourites are:

Peppermint [France]
Revenge [Spain]
Anon Steelbook [Germany]
Running Man [Germany]
Alita BA [Gemany]
John Wick 3 [France]
The Punisher [Germany]
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Mar 12, 2018
I liked last years different groupings so I'm going to nominate for different categories.

Best fullslip:
  1. FAC Alita (hands down the best, no competition, in my honest (and totally correct) opinion)
  2. FAC Venom
  3. Manta First Man
Best lenti:
  1. Manta Deadpool 2 DL
  2. Blufans Venom DL
  3. HDZ Jumanji
  4. Weet GOTG 2
  5. Blufans Hulk DL
No FAC made the list but they get an honorable mention because their lentis have improved a lot.

Best OC:
  1. HDZ The Dark Knight
  2. HDZ Man of Steel
  3. Blufans Venom
  4. HDZ Gladiator
Best premium WEA steelbook:
  1. Blufans Black Panther
  2. Blufans The Incredible Hulk
  3. Blufans Venom
  4. Manta Deadpool 2
  5. Manta A Star is Born
Honorable mention for Manta Se7en.
Dishonorable mention for Weet Infinity War, not just for scratchgate... but all that bare metal :stop: Nobody wants that on a premium.

Best newcomer:
  1. Fanatic Selection

Best special edition:
  1. Reel Synergy Django
  2. EverythingBlu The Mummy "Book of the Living"

Best non-premium WEA steelbook:
  1. The Shawshank Redemption (Germany)
  2. Frozen (USA)
  3. Spaceballs (UK)
  4. Alita (Germany/Netherlands)
  5. Peppermint (France)
Best futurepak :LOL: :
  1. Masters of the Universe (Spain)
  2. Pathfinder (France)
  3. El Cid (Germany)
  4. Conan the Barbarian (France)

Oct 11, 2019
Realy like these Marvel 4k Lenticular steelbooks glad to have them in my collection

Thor Ragnarok
Gaurdians of the Galaxy vol 2
Ant man and the wasp
Avangers infinity war

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Aug 25, 2013
Votes for best steel (steel only, no extras)
Black Panther - Blufans
Ant-man and the Wasp - Zavvi Lenticular
Se7en - Manta Lab
The Nice Guys - TheOn

There's probably more, but they're my stand-out ones for now
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May 13, 2019
Leigh, United Kingdom
Best Premium Steelbook:
Alita (Black Barons)

Best Non-Premium Steelbook:
Black Panther (Zavvi)

Best Full Slip:
Alita (FAC)

Best Lenti:
Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 (Weet)

Best One Click:
First Man (Manta)

Best Newcomer Release:
Blade Runner (Titans of Cult)

Best Premium Seller:
Manta Lab (would have been Weet until scratch-gate)

Worst Release:
Howard the Duck (Zavvi)
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Oct 9, 2019
There are some other ones I like to mention:

- the embossed Pitch Black Steelbook from Germany
- Arctic Steelbook
- Resident Evil 1-6 Steelbook from Germany
- Weird Science from Arrow
- The Ring from Arrow
- Rear Window Zavvi
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Jun 13, 2013
Gotta give Amazon Japan a nod for their Spider-man Far From Home package.

The textured suitcase, the hardback travel book, the passport tucked in the pocket and the 2D/3D/4K exclusive steelbook. Awesome stuff.


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Jul 6, 2016
ok, i screwed up last year and tried to nominate the day after the closing deadline :facepalm: , so this year have been keeping a record of my faves in the last 12 months. i'm only going to suggest editions i have in hand, and these are my nods - no doubt missing off loads of great examples i've forgotten, but anyway:

best steelbook =
- The Dark Knight (HDZeta)
- Deadpool 2 (FAC) - because it's so very garish.
- Se7en (Manta) - because it was such a surprise.
- Venom (blufans)

best full slip =
- Alita (FAC) - very happy/lucky i managed to snag one of these. the relief sections are fantastic.
- Batman Begins (HDZeta special pack) - a riot of spot glossing!
- The Dark Knight (HDZeta special pack) - good grief this is good.
- Captain Marvel (blockbuster Reel Synergy HDN release)
- Glass (Kimchi) - right up there with the Dark Knight special pack
- Green Book (Kimchi) - simple, crisp, subtle, nice (OK, not a steelbook, but deserves a mention!)
- Inglourious Basterds (MantaLab)
- Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (FAC classic size, Indoraptor)
- Se7en (Manta)

best lenti slip =
- Aquaman (Manta)
- Batman Begins (HDZeta A)
- The Dark Knight (HDZeta double lenti)
- The Dark Knight Rises (HDZeta 4k lenti)
- John Wick 3 (Nova) - really, i love the different approach they took.
- Loving Vincent (Kimchi) - was this 2019? anyway, lovely fade from photo to painting.
- Venom (blufans)

overall art =
- 2001 (WCL) - [edit] ok, this isn't a steelbook, but i wanted to mention it anyway!
- Alita (FAC)
- The Dark Knight (HDZeta) - without compare.

best finishing / embossing / debossing =
- The Dark Knight (HDZeta Special Pack) - yes, again.
- Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (FAC) - utterly gorgeous. seriously, this is next level stuff.
- Se7en (Manta) - great attenton to detail and a real variation in textures.
- The Shape of Water (MantaLab, white and gold foil edition) - another very different take, excellent.
- The World’s End (everythingBlu) - really! actually referring to the back of the full slip and the pub signs on the steelbook, nice work.

best box set
- 2001 (WCL) - as above.
- The Dark Knight trilogy and motherbox (HDZeta) - obvs.
- Django Unchained (Supreme Team Ultimate) - awesome!
- Monty Python's Flying Circus Norwegian Blu-ray Edition (Network)

best overall steelbook package =
- Alita (FAC)
- Batman Begins (HDZeta OC)
- The Dark Knight (HDZeta OC)
- The Dark Knight Rises (HDZeta OC)
- A Quiet Place (FAC)

:) :thumbs:
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Jun 4, 2013
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I still need to nominate.

Might get my list done tomorrow. Already a few very bad choices in this thread lol. I need save it :coffee:

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