Alita: Battle Angel (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Cine-Museum Art #13) [Italy]


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Release date: September 2019 (TBC)
Purchase links: Lenticular Full Slip - Combo (Standard + Variant) (Pre-order August 10 at 2:30 PM Italy time)
Price: €44.90 (Lenticular Full Slip) - €109.90 (Combo)
Group buy: hosted by Aniv Lenticular Full Slip - Combo (remaining GB copies to go live between 1-2 PM CST on August 14)
Note: Lenticular Full Slip - 400 copies (TBC) - will include: Blu-ray SteelBook + Special Gift + 5 Post Cards + a 44-page Booklet
Variant - 200 copies - available to buy only as part of the Combo edition, will include: 4K + Blu-ray Amaray + 5 Post Cards (different from the ones in the Lenti version) + a 44-page Booklet + Special Gift (Exclusive for Combo edition)

4K variant slipbox thread (not a SteelBook) HERE

Slip Lenti 2.jpg Banner Variant.jpg

Gift when buying combo

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Jul 30, 2013
Oct 28, 2015
1click of this is now 150€ instead of 110€
Did I miss an info about a delay?
Apr 24, 2014
1click of this is now 150€ instead of 110€
Did I miss an info about a delay?
I've noticed the price goes up on restocks but there are exceptions like First Man but I'm not positive that ever sold out? If it did the price didn't change it's been available for quite some time on CM's website. If it did sell out then Cinemuseum is charging what they think they can get for restocks which I'm certainly not
i purchased Halloween (2018) when it was restocked for 59 Euros + shipping, I'm not sure if that was the original price or not.
I think Cinemuseum treats all releases including there own after preorder and price them according to the market, just the other day they had 1 copy of Full Metal Jacket for 99 Euros which I thought was a bit nuts but it would have been about the right price if you looked for a copy on eBay. I've never seen Novamedia, Kimchi, Manta, PA, HDzeta, or any other premium company raise there prices on restocked items but to each there own I guess? I'm not a fan of increasing the cost of preorders certainly ones that are being restocked so soon. Alita Battle Angel hasn't even been released yet so I don't understand that one?


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Mar 12, 2018
Finally we can show live pictures for Alita CMA#13!
The preparation has slowed down due to aproblem with the printing of lenticular cards.
We are working to speed up the shipping process as much as possible.
We are certain that the wait will be rewarded by the final quality!

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So, when will they fix the issue with the lenticular cards?