Alita: Battle Angel (Evolution Edition Gift Set) [USA]


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Mar 19, 2017
Link is live now and yes, it is pricey; too pricey to be honest. Even $99 would be high. But... preordered anyway... for now.


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Apr 28, 2011
That price is a joke, I got the Art Book for like £20 and the 4K release on it's own will probably be no more than £30 so the rest of your money is going on a box, a certificate and 2 prints? :LOL::rofl:
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@tridon $200?! :OMG::OMG::OMG:

No thank you :stop:, I'll be happy with just owning the standard release :thumbs:
My thoughts exacty. I mean, you're getting a sample of a book ($20), a couple cards you could likely print off the computer yourself ($10), and the standard 4K/3D release ($30). That means you're basically paying $140 for a signed CoA... and they're not even telling you who signed it.
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