Avengers: Endgame (4K+2D & 3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBooks) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

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Release date: September 2, 2019
Purchase links: 3D+2D - 4K+2D - 3D+2D Collector's Edition - 4K+2D Collector's Edition
Price: £24.99 (3D+2D) - £32.99 (4K+2D) - £59.99 (3D+2D CE) - £67.99 (4K+2D CE)
Note: Collector’s Editions limited to only 1500 copies worldwide

12091900-1684684660698726.jpg 12091902-1044684661430090.jpg
413662-4496bdd58eb1d133c21f9ed7360a8022.jpg 413661-1de24024a4bb602de4c2fa2f4d49601b.jpg
*advice ordering multiples* be wary ordering multiple editions/copies in a single order if you plan on cancelling when you later decided which edition you want to keep: Zavvi cancellation is not reliable or simple, specially if using discount codes.
2 options:
A - pick and choose - separate orders for each item/edition
B - use the "contact us" option on the website and request for a specific title to be cancelled

(Thanks to Dazzler and Paulboland for pointing this out)
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Jun 4, 2013
Now I’ve seen the unboxing video it’s even worse than I imagined.

I could handle this if the US was the same and I hadn’t seen how much better it is in full gloss.

Ffs, stop changing them for everyone outside of the US. It’s ridiculous.

Don’t know what to do now. I can’t import at the moment because of how much that will cost and with marvel I do like to own the WWA and then the WEAs

I had to get the US incredibles 2 for the much better art and finish (although that was at a bargain price) and will have to do the same with Dumbo and Wreck it Ralph at some point. Dumbo has to be done because the US steel is genuinely miles better and has a spine title. Wreck it Ralph 2 is gloss and looks better on bare metal to just standard bare metal. That finish always kills me.

Whilst I think this end game is a better effort than the U.K. dumbo and ralph, that finish has really wound me up. Decisions
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Jul 7, 2016
Just out of curiosity, does anybody have any information about an SMlife release of Endgame steelbook with their usual fullslip?
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Mar 24, 2013
Steelbook getting the Red Carpet treatment seems appropriate for today.

Don't know which territory this is from but is same finish as will be ours in the UK ...

... despite same art as the US the effect is quite different and more interesting (imo):-
Jun 10, 2012
Swindon, UK
There have been so few good avengers releases. The original UK ones do for Assemble and Ultron do not match IW and Endgame, nor do they have the title on the spine. The new US ones are flat and lifeless - the original Ultron US one is better than the new US one, which is a real shame. The linticular Assemble UK is really good, but the lenticular ultron is beyond rubbish, and the new IW lenticular is in a different style again.

I would be happy with the US ones in the UK if they made them embossed and to the standard of the original US ultron. I would have happy if the lenticulars followed the style of the Avengers Assemble UK.

Nova 1st avengers movie is also really good. It may be the best (cannot remember if gloss or not).

But alas, I will stick with the WWA here until a decent set is one day released.
Apr 20, 2013
does anyone have a clue when the preorder is going to be live ? i mean for all customers, not RC memberships ;)
Thank you :)
Aug 2, 2019
is it a joke .... ? i did not see any info about it ....
as i don't know people here ... i don't know when they are joking or serious ... :)
It’s was months ago. If I recall, it went live April 24th. There could still be a chance it comes back closer to release as people cancel their orders.
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Apr 20, 2013
oups, lol .... i'm in the wrong topic ....
actually i thougt about "Infinity Wars" 4K Zavvi new edition

Of course, I preordered Avengers Endgame since a few month :)


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Nov 18, 2011
Staffordshite, UK
does anyone have a clue when the preorder is going to be live ? i mean for all customers, not RC memberships ;)
Thank you :)
Zavvi usually bill around the Tuesday before release(so 27th)
Best bet is keep checking their website and here from that date until just after release for the re-stock
Aug 25, 2013
Just wondering . . . If members had the opportunity to have this steelbook signed by the directors would the request be to have it across the characters like this ...
View attachment 443057

... or diagonally within the big A logo like so?
View attachment 443058
Either, but if I had to choose, probably the bottom one with a gold or yellow pen though and a little straighter rather than a 45 degree angle!
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