Batman Begins (4K + 2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (HDZeta Exclusive) [China]

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Feb 1, 2011
Release date: December 8 December 22, 2018 (TBC)
Purchase link: HDzeta (Pre-order November 11 at 10 AM EST)
Price: $149.99
Group Buy: $198
WEA steelbook, 4K UHD+2D+Bonus
1 Click Only HERE
Information at the moment:
  • Sold as one click only, there will be no single sales
  • Price will be $109 + shipping and fees
  • There will be a deposit system for TDK and TDKR at $20 each as an addition to the Batman Begins one click
  • Purchasing all three gets you the same number and the large storage box
More info available November 10th per @wxlinkswd

Boxset is due to ship late March

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Mar 12, 2018
Hello everyone,
I'm a long time lurker but I finally decided to create an account.

I wanted to post in the Steelbooks trades/sales section of the forum but it looks like I don't have the ability yet.

Anyway, if anyone wants to sell their set, please let me know :)
I'm interested mainly by the double lenti for the three movies but I would also consider the full set if the price is not crazy :)
Welcome, contact @cooey unless he sold his already.
What was the actual TOTAL of these sets including the Motherbox plus shipping? Everything together?
You just had to ask didn't you??! EEK! I don't need the reminder :bag::hilarious:
All Together,

BB Group Buy $198 USD
TDK + TDKR (Private Group Buy) $293 USD
Additional Payment requested by Alex $14 USD
Total: $505 USD (including Motherboard w/ Shipping)
Spot on buddy :thumbs: I checked my statements (bit depressing actually :greedy::smashed::rofl:) and yes, for me, $505 USD/£394.21 GBP...
Mar 7, 2019
Got myself the DL edition from the Bay, although it wasn’t 100% mint. Didn’t come with the discs, had the SL folder and the bottom of the slip was damaged (the seller used the sticker to fix this, but I fixed this with super glue instead)

I only paid £24 with shipping, so I couldn’t say no to that as it’s a nice edition indeed!

Batman Begins 1.jpg

Batman Begins 2.jpg

Batman Begins 3.jpg

Batman Begins 4.jpg

Batman Begins 5.jpg
Mar 24, 2013
Got all the one-clicks myself and I still think that the Steelbooks miss a premium finish. Full gloss just isn't enough, debossed titles and logos on the back would have been perfect! Still hope for mantalab to come up with something eventually