Bernard Madoff gets 150 years

This is great news. It's about time people like this get what they deserve. Not only is he to spend the 150 years in jail, he has to give up $171 billion. On top of that, his gold digging wife has to forfeit over $80 million in property she claimed that was hers. Leaving her with $2.5 million (oblviously a lot to people like us, but to her she mind as well be homeless).

Hopefully this will help clean up the greed in Wall Street.
May 14, 2009
Richmond, VA
150 years is pretty arbitrary at his age.... the dude will most likely be dead in 10-15. Making him give back the money is important though. He has left a lot of people with nothing to retire on.
I am glad they did this though, I am sure he will die in the next 10-15 years, but they just made him an example. I am so glad they took the money away though, now is time to give it back to the people who trusted him.