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Jan 28, 2009
Dartmouth, NS, CaNaDa
OK, am i missing something, perhaps I need to watch the rest of this film. I got this for xmas one year and I've tried to watch it both times but I can't bring myself to watch it because the PQ looks so bad in the opening sequence of the film. it's downright blurry. Here's why I started this thread. Over at blu-ray.com it seems that alot of people think PQ is excellet. here are the reviews: Bullitt user reviews

even the main reviewer at br.com thinks it sucks but still gives it a 3/4. what gives? anyone here seen it? like i said, the PQ is so bad IMO i just can't watch it.
one of the guys seems to be basing it on a comparison from a previous release.

"By the way, my "10" rating for the video is based on the quality of the transfer from film (and the quality of the original print used)."

Is it really that much of a good video transfer?
btw, you said 3/4 from blu-ray reviewer ... that's actually 3/5.

Flip to a scene half way through ... just to see if the quality gets any better. Curious what you think...

Plus, Im sure its the same, but could be the Canadian release is from a diff studio and diff transfer? As that one they reviewed is the US release.