Collateral (Blu-ray SteelBook) ( Exclusive) [United Kingdom]


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Jul 5, 2012
Release date: Oct. 15 2012
Purchase link: Collateral
Notes: Inside artwork, clean no-text backcover artwork, gloss finish


Actual pics thanks to surfury:


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Yeah same here got this when first released from and still ain't got round to watching it yet but it is a nice Steelbook and one i'm glad to have in my collection, plus I've never seen the film at all either.
I was not collecting at the time of this steel release, when the thread just popped up it got me looking at it and since I loved this movie so I ordered a copy - paid higher than I would have liked but not so bad seeing that it is 2 years old as long as it arrives undamaged. From the comments looks like it's a nice quality steel, really just hope like everybody that it will reach me without any damage...

@huggy2k4 nice thriller, don't look at any info about it or watch trailer just put the movie in and watch with a fresh mind without expectations. If you like Thrillers/Action movies you won't be disappointed, great Cast, well acted...saw it Twice :)
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Still need to get another copy of this. The one I got is probably the most damaged steelbook I own with many paint chips all over it. I got it when I just started collecting steelbooks so damaged ones didn't bother me as much back then.
I keep meaning to get this. I remember when play was selling these for like £5 about a year ago. Should of bit
I've also read bad reviews but my experiences have always been ok! Aside from the fact that when my Collateral turned up it had a dent in the corner (nothing major) probably due to the Jiffy bag packaging!

ok so I received my copy, if I would have kept it sealed I would have been OCD thrilled, but upon removing the back slip I noticed a small paint chip on top right front corner of steelbook but it seems like it's not an unusual issue... so I am trying to be less OCD and enjoy my steels more...I know it was done on a manufacturing level as it was so well packaged and shrink wrapped and the paint chip was under the slip....really really happy that someone brought this thread back up and I discovered it this way... love it so much despite the small imperfection.

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WOW what a beautiful steelbook, this is one of them blind buys that I got when it was released back in the day when you could afford to buy all of's steelbook releases. Also still have never watched this film yet, so I think I'll watch it this week.
How strange, was thinking of rewatching this today, didn't get round to it though! Great steelbook from before the dark times. Before Zavvi.
@huggy2k4 Grabbed my copy a little more than 2 years after it was released as I was not collecting at the time, one of my Favorite Tom Cruise movie and a superb Cast. Just love this Steelbook !

Make sure to watch this movie, don't watch previews or read descriptions just watch it blindly not knowing anything about it.....
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Picked this up a couple of weeks ago.. after shopping around £10.80 inc postage was the best I could find via Amazon uk (price slightly over that by a few pence currently). Top 3 Michael Mann movie for me!
Amazing movie... who deserves a better steelbook :dunno:

This Steelbopok is super Classy, very nice Gloss treatment and very nicely picked artwork for front, back and Inside Steel... Only Improvement I would see is a custom Artwork Disk, other than that this steel is Slick ! The other thing I can see is a debossed Title that works well with a very nice Glossy Steel... in hands it is just so lovely.
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It's also just poorly Photoshopped. And the inside art is black-and-white. And the disc art is blank. But it's a glossy steelbook and an inexpensive upgrade to the amaray. I'm glad I have it.