Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Discless SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive MCP-001) [Hong Kong]


DVD? No thanks.
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Jan 26, 2018
Release date: September 7, 2023
Purchase links: Box Set - Full Slip - Double Lenti - 1/4 Slip & Lenti Magnet - Comic Full Slip (Pre-order on July 14, at 8 PM - Hong Kong time)
Price: $125.97 (Box Set) - $36.99 (Full Slip - Comic Full Slip) - $37.99 (Double Lenti) - $35.99 (1/4 Slip)

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So the Comics Full Slip isn‘t part of the One Click and is sold seperately.
Would be cool though if they keep this trend and release a comics Full Slip for every Marvel release in this line.
Yeah I like the idea and the art. Back could be better though (on all of them tbh!). Will be annoying when I like all arts and want to one click and get the comic art (like possibly no way home & Guardians 3 - although they might not be able to release NWH) especially as I can’t stand 1/4 slips but at least you get a lenti magnet with it. So well cross that bridge when we come to it.

Defo in for the comic FS and the DL

I hope they give the exclusive line a break for July too
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Hmm, kinda disappointed, mostly by the title choice itself, as I got a pretty good Zavvi CE. With a freaking booklet, which this doesn't even have!
So, as I don't like lentis, and it's the same as Zavvi box, the white Fullslip is the one to get.
Hate the comic FS, funny it's not included in 'One-Click', loses the whole point of one click... that's a first, I think.
No, that j-card back is as bland, as it gets, bearable on the way to the trash bin.
They should add a booklet.