GTA: Chinatown Wars To See PSP Release


beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
Acclaimed formerly Nintendo DS-exclusive title Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is coming to Sony's PlayStation Portable and PSP Go, slated for a fall release in North America and Europe.

The game will be downloadable on the PSP Go around the time Sony's revamped download-only handheld launches, although it will also receive a UMD format release.

"We’re proud to extend this truly unique handheld Grand Theft Auto experience to PSP and offer a downloadable version of Chinatown Wars for PSP Go," says Rockstar founder Sam Houser.

Chinatown Wars PSP is in development by Rockstar Leeds in collaboration with Rockstar North, and Houser praises Rockstar Leeds' "incredible talent" on portable platforms.

The company says this version of the game is "specifically built for the PSP platform," promising widescreen graphics scaled-up and enhancements to the lighting and animation, plus new story missions.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton praised the announcement, noting the GTA franchise's "enormous" role in the success of PlayStation platforms.

"We’re excited to welcome the critically acclaimed Chinatown Wars to the outstanding line-up of great games headed to the PSP platform this fall," says Tretton.

At only 86,000 units -- a small number for a high-rated installment of a major franchise on a prolific platform -- Chinatown Wars' initial sales on the DS in March disappointed analysts, and the game quickly became a poster child in discussions on the potential for Mature-rated titles to succeed on Nintendo's family-friendly portable.

Publisher Take-Two has always asserted its long-term commitment to the title's growth, however -- and according to NPD data, the game posted robust second-month sales, demonstrating its potential to attain success on the DS through slower, steadier sell-through.