Halo: Season Two (4K Blu-ray SteelBook) [USA]


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May 15, 2013
Release date: July 23, 2024
Purchase link: Amazon
Price: $49.95


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I'm happy to see its getting a steelbook! Will wait for the post release price drop. Amazon had Season 1 steel like 35% off less then 2 months after release.

The 4K footage was awesome! Didn't care for those art cards though
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It’s going to be weird owning season 2 and not season 1 for me but season 1 was so bad and season 2 is such a tremendous improvement I know I’m never going to watch season 1 again.
My cousin who is a die hard Halo fan hates this show. I don't know if he's given season 2 a chance after season 1, but what improved for you?
My cousin who is a die hard Halo fan hates this show. I don't know if he's given season 2 a chance after season 1, but what improved for you?

So if they didn’t like the first season much like how I thought the first season wasn’t only *inaccurate* to the series but it was also *bad* science fiction television on top of that- I would STRONGLY advise giving the second season a chance.

The series has a new showrunner, new writing team, new producers, new directors- basically everything behind the camera was changed up after the abysmal reception to the first season. But the new team are fans of the original games and novels, bringing in multiple plot points and characters from the early Halo novels to offer deeper insight to the events of the show.

Thematically and aesthetically the series has taken a darker turn- fights no longer look overlit and made like cheaply produced Tokusatsu? Everything feels more atmospheric with a real “boots on the ground” and “deep in the trenches” approach to the combat in ways that are reminiscent of the old Neil Blomkamp Halo 3 advertisements.

And the focus of the story has shifted away from the more tangential characters introduced in season one to focus on the Spartans themselves, and how they are coping with a burgeoning humanity inside of them after feeling so disparate and detached from every emotion that would make them human. The focal point of this second season is the Spartan’s own development and the struggle that arises between the more altruistic elements of the UNSC’s clearly fascistic elements by crossing them with the ONI’s dark and morally bankrupt calculus.

The series still retains some elements from the first season but they’re all downplayed or written out of the series entirely. And while the show still isn’t a faithful translation of the games events to the silver screen, it’s now *good* science fiction that has a point and purpose with commentary regarding the world these characters inhabit.
I’ve got the Season 1 (insert boo here) steel but wasn’t sure how I felt about picking up Season 2 (certainly not at full price). Like others here, though, I have to say that S2 was far, far superior and (if we get a) Season 3 could be epic, considering certain spoilerific elements.

So yeah, I’ll wait for a sale and pray for a Season 3. Bring on the…

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