Hot Deal Brag Thread

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In a sense this is also known as ...

The "You cant get this deal but it was so good I just had to brag about it for sheer happiness" thread.

If you got a hot deal that others can partake in then by all means make a seperate post about it ... however, if you got a hot deal that your happy about that others cant get (price errors, gift cards etc.) then have at it and post away! :scat:
Anyways, just got UFC Undisputed for a grand total of $27.99 shipped with release date delivery :scat: via amazon's 52.99 price point - $25 gift card that I get for free everytime I get so many points with my chase card for regular spending :D

If you got a chase card and you want to get points then by alll means you can sign up as well, ... hmmm, a closer look at the domain, maybe its a visa thing as opposed to strictly chase.


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Apr 28, 2009
So like.. I got a 10 gallon megapot valued at $185 but I got it for "free" because my points through my visa card got me two $100 visa gift cards. I never carry a balance so even though I had like 20,000 points or whatever I still never really paid extra for anything

but my latest awesome snag was Batman Begins on Blu-Ray for $6.98 - mint condition!:scat:

EDIT: Hahhahaha! Nice quote Wreck. :cool:
Jan 28, 2009
Manteca, CA
Got Singstar and Buzz Quiz with mics and buzzers for only $10!!!

I hate you!

Jan 27, 2009
I dont know if its something to brag about but i got my son a Spongebob boom box cd player for $5 at Target, normal $30 bucks. Got another for my mom too, lol.
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