James Bond: Quantum Of Solace for PS3

So figured since a good bit of you guys won free copies of QoS we should have a thread on it.

Perhaps we can meet up for some MP action one day. It runs off of COD4 engine so the controls are very recognizable ;):p
BRC gave out free copies for all those who replied with comments on a main page news article, one of them being a collectors edition version.


3 in total were given away.

Sometimes it pays to read the main page :D

I "hear" their might be something else given away soon.
It's rigged!! lol well E3 is notorious for giving out rare collector's items at the show so if I get some of those then I will have some stuff to give away :)

Two years ago my brother got a signed copy of Oblivion, the creator was there and he signed them in person. I got late to Nintendo, they gave away a demo copy of Twightlight Princes, some say it was on a DS cartridge so I dunno.