Slipcover La La Land (Blu-ray Slipcover) (Walmart Exclusive) [USA]


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Jun 30, 2014
Alexandria Safe-Zone
Release Date: April 25th , 2017
Purchase Link: - IN STORE ONLY
Price: $19.96


Did you guys see this cover? :thumbs::hungry: @Actarus @kaw @bloodsnake007 @dan8885
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That looks beautiful @luke98 :thumbs: Never saw it before. So many great releases :wacky:
When theres so many artwork available for regular Slips and WWA Steels, what is possible for a premium release :watch::watch::Snap::Snap::pompus::pompus:

And the new pictures at Amazon for the regular Slip is strange!? Did they change it to a Lenticular or is it just for fun!?
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WOW! This looks great!

This is bad tho... I wonder how many versions of this film I'll end up getting now!?
OMG! This is gorgeous ! Officially requesting (another) Group Buy for this one haha!

Oh god, I'm going to end up with as many copies of La La Land as I have of Drive!
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If anyone is Interested in this Walmart US Exclusive, Please let me know.

I have to find 5 People (Me + 4 more) and Andy can do a small GB for us :thumbs:
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